All The Aesthetics That Are Trending Right Now

Oftentimes we scroll through Pinterest and wonder what it would be like to get into a certain aesthetic. There’s so much satisfaction in having things aesthetically pleasing around all the time. With TikTok coming into the picture, ‘aesthetics’ have become more popular than ever before. 

There are some which have been widely popularised right now and The Teen Edit has listed down all of them. Even though sometimes our aesthetics are all over the place, it’s always fun to say that you belong to a particular aesthetic. Plus, if you’ve had difficulty figuring out your aesthetic for a while now, this might be of good use to you, you could belong to any of these! 


Cottagecore is a dreamy aesthetic which mainly grew due to its popularity on the Internet. It’s mainly comprised of a romanticised view of life on farms or other places surrounded by nature. While it might have already existed, it’s definitely been popularised due to TikTok.


It’s centralised around a harmony with nature, colourful small flowers, long flowy pastel dresses, cute cycles and many other very dreamy elements. If you’re active on the popular Gen Z platform, you’ve most probably come across a video surrounding this aesthetic. A lot of people have even adopted Cottagecore as their fashion inspiration, and have begun wearing maxi skirts, floral tops and long white dresses.


Y2K, which is a shorthand term for ‘Year 2000’ and refers to the aesthetic which developed during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The aesthetic was an influential period, which influenced fashion, hardware designing, music and art. While it was popular during its time, it is rapidly gaining popularity now too. 


The most popular aspect of it currently, is the fashion element of it. From huge brands to small businesses that are trying to keep up with the public’s latest fashion interests, everyone is adopting Y2K into their designs. You’ll spot it as a slick, futuristic and shiny aesthetic with unique styles. This has also been popularised on the Internet, with a lot of style icons incorporating pieces from this aesthetic into their outfits.

Dark Academia

Dark Academia is an aesthetic that is heavily influenced by movies, main characters, storylines and television series. It mainly revolves around classic literature and it’s storylines. In addition to this, it has also has a very specific style and art type.

The fashion aspect of Dark Academia mainly includes long coats and plaid patterned items. The colours are mainly earthy tones like grey, brown and even black. It gives off an old school vibe, with chambers and dungeons, statues of ancient people and students in long coats, learning from old books with brownish and worn out pages and architecture which resembles that of in ancient times.


Indie is an aesthetic which represents individuality and is also the shorthand term for it. Indie elements are often represented by bright colours, but always with a specific filter over them, very saturated and bright, with a slight characteristic blur and grain over them. 


Indie fashion, music and room decor is probably the most striking and famous part about it. The fashion inspo and decor stems from very bright colours, all in one frame to create a highly vibey aesthetic that appeals to many young people. Bucket hats, vinyls, stickers and graphic fashion is probably the most striking part about it. Indie music is also trending and gaining popularity day by day.