About Us

The Teen Edit is a digital publication for the youth, which features engaging content under various genres and exclusive interviews with public figures from various industries. The Editorial Director of The Teen Edit, Sanjiti Saha had a vision to create an online platform for young people that would educate, entertain and inspire. This vision was brought to life through this magazine, where we compile comprehensive content put together by the same demographic as that of our audience. The Teen Edit is now a digital publication which has garnered massive popularity among the youth of today.

‘A young, influential person’s guide to taking on the world.’ At The Teen Edit, we aim to empower the youth of today with information and stories that can enlighten and empower, in order to create a generation that is the driving force behind positive change. The youth hold the power to bring about change and our motive at The Teen Edit is to enable teens and young people to harness that inexplicable power and ensure it has a tangible outcome.