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The Teen Edit appreciates the values of originality, creativity and passion. You can provide new written content, original pictures, edit submitted content or review it. More information will be provided on this if you are accepted. If you think you would be a good fit for the team and want a permanent spot, fill out your details here: Apply now

Some important things to keep in mind before submitting your content:

  • We value honesty and integrity, so if you have committed plagiarism, your content will not be approved. Thus, kindly submit original content.
  • Use slang language sparingly, or avoid using it at all.
  • If you are providing pictures along with the written content, kindly ensure that it the pictures are either original(i.e., captured by you/somebody you know personally) or have been taken from platforms which allow you to use their images. (Such as : Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, etc)
  • If you submit content and do not abide by the above principles, then it is not guaranteed that your content will be accepted. A few edits may be made to fit into the rules.

Our team will be sure to review your details and get back to you within a month, since we receive a high volume of applications. Keep a check on your inbox of the email id you provide in order to prevent missing out on your opportunity to join our team.*

*Please note that this is not a paid job, but an opportunity to learn and improve new skills and interact with other people.

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If you are passionate about writing, journalism or getting your voice heard, The Teen Edit is the perfect place for you!

Submit your original content here, and our team will review it and email you via the email address you have provided if they think the content that you have provided is a good fit.


If you are good at proof reading and editing ready content, then you are a perfect fit for the ‘Editing’ Team at The Teen Edit. You may even get the chance to interview and create questions for Public Figures!

Submit your details through this form, and we will contact you with articles that are ready to be edited.