Upgrade your Jewellery Collection in 2024 with Versatile & Trendy Pieces from Evry Jewels

If you’ve landed on the fashion side of TikTok, you’ve most likely come across Evry Jewels. If not there, you’ve probably seen their collabs with your favorite influencer or two. With undeniably trendy pieces and options for every style, Evry Jewels has mastered the art of creating the most funky as well as dainty pieces that will elevate your style and wardrobe as a whole. We firmly believe that accessories are what can make or break an outfit, and to make your outfit, Evry Jewels will undoubtedly come in clutch. We had to explore the hype and through a variety of products, we have a comprehensive review of the products you absolutely need to take your outfits to the next level. 

Double Cross Me Necklace 

This necklace will be an absolute game-changer to your collection and a star of the show in any outfit you wear. Featuring a chunky two-cross design with one smaller than the other and adorned with stones in a color of your choice, this piece also has a unique chain. You can definitely expect a lot of ‘where did you get that?’ questions after wearing this piece. 

Lover Girl Bracelet and Necklace Set 

Picture the daintiest, yet beautiful jewelry pieces; that is the Lover Girl collection. With a thin chain linking tiny white pearls interspersed at regular distances, these pieces, which consist of a necklace and a bracelet make for an absolute staple in your jewelry collection. Whether you layer them with solid gold chains or wear them as they are, the simplicity of the pieces adds an elegant touch. 

Meribella Necklace

Our favorite piece of them all, this youthful necklace is so mermaidcore. Adorned with a small pearl enclosed in a beautiful iridescent white shell with a unique gold chain, this piece adds so much depth to any outfit and screams summer. Bring these vibes along with you any season of the year and add a whole new vibe to any outfit. It’s so eye-catching, it’s hard to not notice it. 

Shining Snake Necklace

Another absolute staple in the collection, this piece wears so well with the Lover Girl Set. This single layer thin gold chain rests snugly upon the neck. This piece is what the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ is all about so if you’re looking to tap into that aesthetic in 2024, this necklace is an absolute must-have for you to elevate any basic outfit. 

Brandy Earrings 

Ah! Which jewelry collection is complete without the classic gold hoops? We haven’t heard of any. If you’re looking for gold hoops that are chunky without being loud, are a pair you can wear everyday and won’t break the bank, the Brandy Earrings will very soon become your go-to piece. 

Don’t Get It Twisted Earrings and Ring Set

The cutest gold earrings and ring, this piece adds a subtle touch of elegance fused with funkiness. With twists on the earrings and ring, this set is an elevated version of the classic gold band and just takes any outfit to the next level. You can either wear them alone or layer them, but we noticed how well it fuses into any type of outfit. 

Empathy Ring 

A cute ring which resembles a hug from your favorite person, this unique piece adds a touch of quirk to any outfit. You can add a hint of spiciness to any outfit by wearing this ring. It also makes for the perfect gift to a loved one you absolutely adore and you can be sure that they will love it too!

Checkered Toiletry Bag 

The most adorable bag to store all your pieces, this bag has light blue and white checks on it and is the perfect pouch for you to carry all your jewelry essentials on the go. It is also the perfect size to store makeup brushes, beauty products or vanity whenever you travel. In four colors, it’s an essential item for everyone.

You Complete Me Socks 

If you thought Evry Jewels exclusively makes jewelry, you’re mistaken because they also have super cute accessories which include phone cases, socks, bags, sunglasses and so much more. These socks have a yin yang design on them making it the perfect elevated pair of white socks for lounging or going out.

Evry Jewels has everything you need to take your 2024 jewelry and accessories collection to the next level. The collection itself is a celebration of diversity and individuality. With designs ranging from classic elegance to modern funkiness, Evry Jewels caters to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. There is something for everyone. Check that out for yourself here