TikTok Star Alex Warren is Breaking Into the Music Industry with Stellar Single ‘how could you be ok’

From originally creating music videos on Tiktok, to being a part of the original Hype House era in its prime and actually giving it its name, to being on the Hype House show, finding the love of his life, getting engaged and now, encapsulating all his past experiences through his music. Alex is an embodiment of ‘don’t let your hardships set you back’, because he only emerges stronger from every single one of them. As he steps into the music world, he enters a new era, one where he’s writing his own story that delves into his failures, broken relationships, bad mental health, but also explores his successes, happy moments and closed chapters. His radiant face smiles back across the screen as he tries figuring out how to work his new laptop. While he says “it’s all been going good” when asked for a life update, we know it definitely has because he recently got engaged to someone who can only be described as his person and he’s found closure after some major disappointments. 

While you might recognise him from his viral videos or you might’ve seen him with the Hype House on Tiktok, music has always been his primary passion. He started out his content creation career as a musician, because it’s something he “always wanted to do”. However, he wasn’t getting the outreach he wanted and diversified into creating fun videos with his own little quips. When asked about when he knew that he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry, Alex says, “if you scroll down to my old TikToks, they’re all music videos but they weren’t doing well”. Equipped with quick thinking and a witty personality, Alex leveraged this in order to rise to fame as a social media influencer. 

However, the journey to fame wasn’t as smooth-sailing as it may seem, and this has a tangible impact on the music one creates. When asked how his life influences his music, Alex remarks, “the week before my dad died, we tried new things together like golf, music, etc. I even got a red Fendi guitar and I would pretend I’m part of a band.” His dedication and natural knack for music fused with pivotal moments makes his music more nuanced, raw and real. Thus, it only makes sense that as he carves out his career, he mentions that artists like Lewis Capaldi, James Arthur and Noah Kahan heavily influence his music. 

“There’s always someone who’s smarter than you and bigger than you and thinks they’re the shit”

Alex Warren on his biggest lesson from social media

Moving onto his new stellar single, ‘how could you be ok’, Alex touches upon sensitive topics but writes and sings them through an empowered perspective. While the song is about his best friend and his girlfriend, at the time, hanging out, a circumstance that would leave anybody wounded, the single comes from “a palace of power”. Alex adds “this single is me signing off on the unpleasant experiences and closing that chapter.” What’s even better is that Alex has found the person who values him, his fiancé, social media star Kouvr, who, he says, “inspires me to be the most authentic version of myself and loves every record I make, even if it’s shitty, but she likes it cause I made it.” He adds, “I believe that the music I’m creating resonates with a lot of people so I would love to do a tour, do meet and greets because I love meeting every one of you and I want to put out many records next year.” 

Ultimately, we believe his rawness and authenticity that is extremely attuned to his personality is what drives thousands of people across the globe to resonate with him and his music. He does say that the music he’s creating now signifies how “empowered and confident” he is, we couldn’t help but agree.