Upcoming Artist Jillian Loux is on Her Way to Becoming a Huge Sensation with Smooth Vocals & Incredible Songwriting

Give me a little life update – how everything’s going, your recent releases, new projects, tell us about how life’s been going for you! 

I think I’m doing pretty good! I’m super happy about my recent releases and I’m especially excited about what’s coming next. It feels like stuff is happening slow and fast if that makes sense, like January can’t get here fast enough but it also feels like July was just yesterday. 

You’re absolutely blazing through the music world – your music is gaining so much traction. How does that feel?

It feels like the time we’ve been putting into this project is really going to mean something. I’m really happy and grateful for those who have listened to my music and those who have supported me through this gradual process. 

You’re a music creator at heart and everyone has their own processes of creating music. What is the song-writing and music creation process for you?

Usually when I write I have an idea of what I want to write about. And with that idea I curate a vibe that I think matches it well. I find melodies often come pretty easily to me and when I feel enough towards the topic the lyrics flow pretty smoothly too. It helps to have talented producers in the room with me like Matt Corby, Mark Shick, and Lionel Crasta because they can easily read what direction I want a song to go in. The writing process is definitely my favorite part in all of this, It’s very fulfilling and magical honestly. 

How and when did you know that getting into the music world is what you want to do?

My dream job as a child was either to be a rock star or an astronaut. The Astronaut job didn’t really stick but I never quite lost hope when it came to music. Iv always appreciated and honed in on my musical craft since I was maybe around 6. It wasn’t until these past 2 years however I thought I’d be able to do music professionally. I’m still hesitant but I think I’m ready to see where all this goes.

Upbringings have a lot to do with the way people make music. How has your upbringing influenced your music?

I grew up listening to a wide variety of genres because of my parents and the environment I grew up in, Atlanta. I love Blues, pop, rap, R&B, folk, Opera, Country, Musical theater, Rock ect. Iv never really had a favorite, just an appreciation for all of them which I think has really helped me in my songwriting. 

We have to talk about ‘White Lilies’, it’s such a powerful song – tell me all about – how you came up with the concept, the songwriting, production, everything!

“White Lilies” was actually really fun to make. Myself, Nat Dunne, Matt Corby , and Andy Lowden finished it the first day we started making the EP in Australia. When we were trying to figure out what to write about I had expressed some feelings about a friendship that felt toxic at the time and we ran with it. Matt put down a really cool and intricate beat and we started experimenting. I think we all bounced off of each other really well which made the song flow almost effortlessly. Hearing it back that day, once we had finished the first draft, felt exhilarating honestly. 

What’s your favorite lyric on the song and why?

Throughout the song it’s clear I have reasons not to like a certain person in my life. But near the end of the second verse I say “Never said I was an angel, it’s my fault for being faithful, she rolls like im blind, and she wins every time.” I love this lyric because it recognises that I have the power to leave, I just need to be willing to let go. In a way, I think once you realize that you’re in a toxic relationship, which may take time, there is value in taking somewhat of a responsibility. If I want to see change I have to do something about it and stop letting the same things keep happening. Kind of like the notion “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” I suppose. 

What can fans expect from you in the future?

I think it’s safe to say they can expect some versatility with my music. I don’t know if people have gotten a full scope of what I can make just yet. I’m really excited to see what people think. 

What song resonated with you the most when it dropped and what song resonates with you now?

A couple years ago I really loved HER’s song “sometimes”. I think it dropped in 2020. I thought it was beautiful and pretty inspirational. It definitely recognizes that things will not always go your way, which yea sucks, but its how we choose to respond to said suckiness that makes all the difference in the world. Right now im kind of obsessed with Didn’t Cha know by Erykah Badu. It embraces the journey of self discovery and how our own challenges can also uncover personal growth in beautiful ways. It’s also just fun and I love listening to it. It always makes my day.

As a young artist, you’re building up your career. Who would you say are the biggest influences on the music you create?

Over the years I think I’ve drawn from or been really inspired by Yebba, Frank Ocean, Billy Joel, Kirby, Sza, Amy Winehouse, Sabrina Claudio, and a lot of 90’s influence as well like Ms. Lauryn Hill and Selena for instance.

What is your dream collaboration and why?

At this time, I think I’d love to work at Dominic Fike. I think his story is amazing and his music is just incredible. I’m very interested to see how he makes music in the studio and what inspires him.

How do you balance the fact that you’re so young, but still racked up this level of success?

I’d say going to college helps me stay balanced. It gives me something else to put my mind, time, and effort into. It’s actually pretty easy to forget I do music here since I don’t really know anyone on this big campus. I’ll also admit my experiences in college have given me a lot of inspiration for new music haha.

Lastly, what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I don’t really know. I kind of just want to make music that people can relate to. There are  so many artists out there that have helped me throughout my life because I resonated with their lyrics. If in some way I can do that for somebody else I think that’d make me feel good.