Get the Glossiest Lips with these Lip Products

Ever since Billie Eilish did it, the rage over a glowing, radiant look hasn’t stopped. Recently, a lot of people have switched from matte looks to more dewy looks, with a makeup routine that doesn’t require a lot. From Hailey Bieber to Olivia Rodrigo, all the beauty icons are switching to everyday looks that look clean, almost like you’re wearing no makeup. With the emphasis on a ‘less is more’ look increasing rapidly, it’s important to have the right, best and affordable products to pull this off.

One of the main elements of this beauty look is the glossiness of your lips. Hydrated, bouncy and plump-looking lips have become the move. To help achieve that look, we’ve compiled lip products that will get you the glossiest looking lips you’ll ever have. All these products are vessels for a radiant everyday makeup look, while also providing the necessary hydration to your lips. Scroll on, add to cart and check out these amazing products that will have you raving. 

You’ve probably already seen this pink jar all over your for-you page, and with good reason. With a slight translucent pink tint and a heavenly sweet smell, you’re going to love this one. It has a non-sticky formula that keeps your lips supple for hours, and with different fragrance options. While this is on the higher price end, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with everything about this product. Reapply it as often as required to get the most beautiful glow. 

This beauty brand, which is renowned for their affordable products has released a groundbreaking lip gloss which is for $2 at the moment. (Yes, you read that right!) This non-sticky gloss which has the winning hydration ingredient, Vitamin E keeps your lips hydrated while giving you the look you’re going for. Run, don’t walk to grab your own.

This ultra-hydrating lip oil is featured under the clean beauty line created by Addison Rae. With natural shades to those with a pop of color, Lip Quip is soon going to be in every bag you own. A nourishing lip oil that can literally elevate a no-makeup look, this is just what you need for every minimal or no-makeup day.

The high-sheen, non-sticky formula is just what you need for a natural glossy look on your nights out. With a range of color options, you can opt for a more subtle shade by going by something closer to your natural lip shade, or go for one that adds more color and dimension to your lips. While it’s on the higher end, it’s worth an investment. You’re going to be wearing it a lot.

Approved by the queen of dewy beauty and renowned poster, Olivia Rodrigo, this lip gloss has a ton of stunning hues to match your vibe and moods. A gloss that will have you feeling like a ’90s pop-star, the shine of this gloss will have you repurchasing it for years to come. Say hello to your new makeup staple!