Spread Love & Inclusivity by Sporting Pieces from Heart Blaster: An Iconic Brand with an Iconic Mission

As the temperatures rise for days ahead, Heart Blaster is looking ahead to the warmer days with its collection of the comfiest pieces you’ll want to own. With truth and honesty that lie behind the conceptualization of this brand, Heart Blaster truly stands out as a brand. This is not just because of their stylish streetwear style of clothing, but because of the quality and concept that lies behind this brand. Love and inclusivity embody the main mission of Heart Blaster, which always reflects on the pieces they create. With the incredible quality of products, you’ll want to cozy up in these pieces, while knowing you’re purchasing from a brand that is committed to creating tangible change.

Featuring fun, graphic t-shirt prints to pieces that give ‘back to the basics’ vibes, Heart Blaster is soon going to become your go-to store for the essentials as well as some illustrative prints to add dimension to your summer street style. Buckle up, because we’re going to be taking you through the pieces you’re going to want to snag before someone else gets their hands on them. 

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The Basics

In a range of dreamy colors, cut back to the basics with this range of baby tees, shorts and sweatpants. With mild hues that will keep you comfortable all summer long, this collection is absolutely essential to own in your wardrobe. With a super comfortable cotton fit, you’ll always be looking for more. Lucky for you, the variations in colors allow you to stock up on these basics. With the perfect breathing room, it has the perfect fit for lounging at home or grocery store runs. 

We tested the shade ‘Dreamy Blue’, and it does not disappoint! Firstly, let’s unpack the quality of the pieces – made from dreamy soft textures, you’ll want to stay cozied up in this fit all the while. This gentle shade of hue will make you feel so put together and it was definitely giving ‘that girl’ vibes. The elastic waistband on the bottoms sits well around your waist and accentuates your curves, ensuring you’re serving body while being comfortable. We’re obsessed

The Graphics

Featuring exclusively supreme quality, these statement pieces are perfect for dressing up to create next-level street style ensembles. The graphics collection of hoodies and tees will add so much dimension to your wardrobe, without being over the top. With quality you can’t beat and unique styles that embody the values behind Heart Blaster, these iconic pieces are just what you need to elevate your comfy fits. 

Our personal favorite from the graphics collection is the Space Angels Graphic Tee, which was so much fun to play around and create outfits with. The tee looked so flattering when coupled with purple flared jeans, black ripped jeans and for the comfy girls, black tights. Also, the Yin to my Yang Hoodie is an elevated basic for everyday wear that you’ll want to own. In a muted beige color, this hoodie features the iconic Heart Blaster logo, with front pockets for added convenience. Perfect for the days that you’re going to be snuggled inside the house, this hoodie when coupled with shorts, also makes for the perfect night out to the beach fit. These pieces are so versatile, that they’ll soon become your wardrobe favorites. 

The Hats

Hats are an accessory that are gaining popularity, especially for summer ‘22 and with good reason! From trucker hats that you’ll want to be sporting in the summer, to beanies for the cold nights out, Heart Blaster offers you the aptest collection of accessories you’ll want to own for the upcoming sunny days ahead. The hats fit nicely over your head, offering you the coverage you need, no matter the weather out. Not just this, but you also get the chance to sport the iconic Heart Blaster black-and-white logo, which we love. The quality is made for many wears, so you can be sure to wear the cap out and about town, trips to the mall, accessories your beach and casual outing fits, all while looking very cute.

Other Cool Stuff

Heart Blaster has a plethora of miniature merchandise that spice up little elements of your daily routine. Their collection of lip balms and tints are organic, made from sustainable packaging, and super gentle on your lips to give them a bit of color while ensuring they remain hydrated and supple. If you’re in the mood to add a little same-coloured brightness to your skin, apply this tint on your cheeks, the bridge of your nose, and your lips for a soft and smooth look. The plant-based oil scent is a simple addition to the lip products but adds a naturally pleasant smell to it. 

Heart Blaster also features a range of water bottles that are stainless steel and built for insulation. The quality of this bottle is exceptional and built for long workdays, workout classes, school, or just to carry around town. The little bridge at the top of the bottle allows convenience in carrying the bottle, as well as opening and refilling it. The white bottles feature the heart logo, and if you want to spice it up a bit, there’s also an option of buying a bottle with a coloured boot. While the coloured boot prevents dents on the bottom, it also acts as a cool little element on the bottle.

Heart Blaster not only features some cool pieces that you’re going to want to add to your cart soon, but also has an incredibly important mission embedded within its endeavors, and that’s why we love it so much. With love at the core of the brand, each piece is created with care and with the intention of creating change in our every day relationships and harvesting it with care, without barriers. Consciousness, responsibility, trust and difference embody the values that have led to the creation of Heart Blaster. We can’t help but love this brand! With a laser-focused mission, Heart Blaster is out here creating change, and we’re so here for it. 

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