9 Swimsuit Brands you Need to Know About for Summer

Is summer here? Um, almost. Nevertheless, it is just around the corner and that means all the sandy cheeks, cute bikini sets, lying under the sun, clear blue skies and a lot of sunscreen. Not only that, summer calls for shopping for the newest, freshest, most trendy swimsuit sets. Everyone deserves to feel sexy and confident in their swimwear so we’ve rounded up a list of brands that you’ll be sure to feel that way in. 

While the warmer months are a few months away, we can always prepare for them, and we’ve got just the way for you to do that. Shop and prep for the upcoming summer and the hours you’re going to be spending at the beach. This list features brands that make sure you feel your absolute best in the swimwear you wear. 

Kulani Kinis

Swimwear at its best, Kulani Kinis is guaranteed to make you feel and look your best in their gorgeous collection of summery prints. Featuring unique patterns and cute matching accessories, Kulani Kinis is your Pinterest swimsuits board in a store. It’s worth every bit of the rave.

Frankie’s Bikinis

The brand that prioritizes carefree and playful, you’ll be sure to find some vibrant hues here. Youthful pieces featuring a variety of styles, you’ll be mesmerized by what you find here. Worn by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, this brand is verified by the best as one that deserves a place in your summer wardrobe. They’ve also recently expanded into fun clothing that you’re guaranteed to love.

Aerie Swimwear

With seasonal refreshes, Aerie features a collection of the cutest limited edition swimwear styles. Get your hands on these iconic swimwear silhouettes as soon as you can, before they’re gone because their array of options is absolutely stunning in every aspect. Swimsuits and styles made for everyone, you’re on your way to feeling your best!

Blackbough Swim

Groovy prints that you’ll be obsessed with all summer, Blackbough Swim has everything you could possibly need. Cool neutrals to the cutest prints, the sexy patterns will make you want to live in swimsuits all summer long. Calling all cool girls: this is going to be your summer ensemble for all the days under the sun. 

Beach Riot

With neutrals and popping colors to basic prints, if you’re feeling minimalistic or fancy, Beach Riot should be your go-to either way. Swimsuits that make you feel mature, and that you can easily style up or down, their styles are sensational and will make you feel your best yet. While minimalism is having its moment, go on and wear some of these fits.

Solid & Striped

A brand that leans more towards the luxury end of swimwear, this label has been seen on the coolest it girls in town. Try these gorgeous bikinis in amazing fabrics and silhouettes that’ll make you feel like an absolute queen, and that’s exactly the type of vibes we’re going for this summer. 

Dippin’ Daisy’s

Dippin’ Daisy’s is a brand that’s been created to make females feel confident in their own skin, and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing for years. Featuring a variety of swimsuit patterns, they have something in store for everyone. Built to be worn both as regular swimsuits and beach tops, it’s all the inspo you need for the summer.


Pacsun may be your go-to for all your clothing needs, but once you discover their ‘kini collection, you’re going to head straight there on your next (online) trip to the store. With the coolest silhouettes, styles and fabrics, the versatility of Pacsun’s swim collection will keep you wanting more. 

White Fox Boutique

Get creative with your swimsuit fits by opting for White Fox Boutique. With the ultimate chic styles, they feature the coolest prints that you’re on your way to being absolutely obsessed with. Cute silhouettes that’ll make you stand out at the beach and accentuate your figure, with sexy cheeky designs.