The Online Stores for the Trendiest Phone Cases

Getting your hands on a trendy phone case is nearly like an accessory now. Something that matches your outfit, keeps you on top of your style game and is timeless and chic may seem like a task to find, but not anymore. Hands down, really tired of the basic silicon phone cases. In case your phone cases are in need of an upgrade, here are some options that offer you a major moment. From a little transparent-decorated number to a customisable phone case, here are five of our favorite phone case brands that show off your personality and look absolutely gorgeous for all the mirror selfies you’re about to be taking. 

These phone case brands have been all the rave, so why not go ahead and try one yourself? A round-up of what everyone’s been loving lately, there’s something for everyone. These websites offer tons of different options, upgrades, colors, patterns and so much more, and seamlessly connect you to your next favorite phone case brand. Here’s a roundup of the most gorgeous and durable cases for all your upcoming mirror moments. 


You’ve most probably heard of this one – amongst influencers and celebrities alike, this brand is absolutely worth the hype. Offering slim, protective, durable and absolutely stunning cases and tech accessories, Casetify is home to a plethora of options for super protective cases. From customizing clear flow cases to collaborations, customization and creativity, you can always have fun with this brand. Featuring collabs with stars like Olivia Rodrigo, the brand is verified to become your favorite.

Wildflower Cases

Founded by the Carson sisters and their mom, this iconic phone case brand has earned its name and with good reason. Featuring vibrant hues, and a variety of patterns and styles, there’s something in it for everyone. From adorable collabs with Claudia Sulewski and Coachella to new collections every season, you’ll be obsessed. There’s just something different about your case being protected by Wildflower Cases – it feels pretty, and that’s what we love most about them. 

Blunt Cases

The definition of trendy, you’re bound to be absolutely mesmerized by them. Featuring bold and beautiful cases, you see a pattern trending on social media? You get a phone case that looks like that on here. You also have the option to customize it so it feels like an absolute representation of you. Expressive, bold and passionately you, how could you say no?

Urban Sophistication

It comes from the name honestly – so sophisticated, so urban. This brand features minimalistic cases, dominantly with different colors in the puffer case design. But hey, your phone needs some protection too, right? Save your case from unnecessary cracks with these cases that offer the ultimate protection by giving it a soft landing, anywhere you drop it. Excellent basics whose durability and quality you cannot turn down. 


From stylishly-decorated phone cases to the classic colored cases, these functional phone cases offer you options in styles, colors and sizes. In addition to being absolutely gorgeous, we’re sure you’ll find a case that suits your taste. With innovative designs and frequent new collections, Case-Mate is going to become your case’s best mate!