15 Beauty Products TikTok Probably Convinced You To Buy

You probably downloaded TikTok as a joke and now can’t get off of it. A lot of people use TikTok just to keep up with those ‘trends’ which are 30 second dances you see so often on your FYP. But, we can’t help but get influenced by all those videos which show how some products worked insanely good for them. And, a lot of people (including me!) are guilty of buying them without knowing if it’s even good for you.

TikTok has officially gained the power to take over mine, and many others’ purchases. It’s funny how a million views has the power to convince so many people to try out so many products. The Teen Edit has listed below 15 beauty products that TikTok most probably made you buy.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary has received wide recognition on the Gen Z dominated platform. Especially the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution. This has been raved about by TikTok users for their effectiveness and mainly, their affordability. The AHA 30% + BHA 2% acts as a mask which has been reported as an extensive exfoliating agent. Thus, it is important to moisturise with a thick layer of moisturiser after removing the mask.

The Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is another product from The Ordinary, which has, again got a lot of praise from young users who claim that it’s popularity has lead to it being wiped out of Target and Sephora shelves. While it’s suitable for most skin types, it’s the most beneficial for people with oily skin as it cuts down excess sebum production. In the process, it has been said to effectively clear out blemishes, according to avid users of this product.


In addition to The Ordinary, CeraVe is another extremely popular Skincare brand among TikTok users. While it’s not be a person, it can be said that the brand went ‘viral’ amongst TikTok users this year and ever since, you’ll see a tonne of people using CeraVe products. The most famous amongst all is their Salicylic Acid cleanser which is non-comedogenic, affordable and effective. People have extensively begun using CeraVe, often only including their products in their Skincare routines, ranging from cleansers to serums, moisturisers and even sunscreen.

Mini Facial Mister

Skincare junkies have been saying that this facial steamer is a ‘must have’ for all skin types for a deep pore spas and salons shutting down due to COVID-19, a lot of people have been looking for at-home alternatives for a relaxing spa day and TikTok users say that this is the perfect way to do a home facial. It’s portable, techy, easy to use, easy to find and worth the money you’ll spend on it. It adds moisture and is intensely hydrating, plus it soothes and stimulates the skin.

E.L.F. Poreless Putty Primer

Referred to as a ‘holy grail’ product by TikTok users and with good reason! This tried-and-tested by thousands primer is indeed a holy grail to include in your everyday routine. It provides an excellent base for everyday makeup, is long-lasting and hydrates too. It also minimises the size of the pores and has a silky, lightweight, skin-like feel formula. To add to all of that, it will cost you just $8. No wonder it’s got all the raves and seals of approval.

MILK Blur Stick

While it serves nearly the same purpose as the Putty Primer, this product is in the form of a stick and can easily be put on at all times. It’s easy to carry and even easier to be applied whenever you need a little touch up. It blurs the facial pores to a great extent and serves as an amazing base for the successive makeup layers. In addition to being vegan, it’s non-comedogenic and has a silicone free formula. It is a little pricey though so if you’re looking for a cheaper, but equally effective alternative, you can find that here:

Maybelline New York Master Blur Stick

Indian Aczetic Healing Clay

The Indian Healing Clay Mask is something you’ve most probably seen if you are an active user of TikTok. Users have been absolutely stunned by the efficiency of this product. It’s said to really clean out those pores and many have even reported a visible difference in their skin texture. It has even cleared out many people’s acne, making it a holy grail in their weekly Skincare routine. Since it’s powder, it’s most commonly used with apple cider vinegar, but can be used with water too. It can be quite drying so it’s important to follow up with a thick moisturiser.

Glossier Cloud Paint

The cloud paint from Glossier have been all the hype lately. With an easy to apply, reapply mechanism, this blush gives a soft, natural colour to the cheeks. Just a slight amount of this can be dabbed onto your cheeks or nose whenever you want to add a little definition to a natural look. It’s so easy to apply and wear, and with a fragrance-free formula, this product is something you will see a lot of people using.

Facial Razor

With lockdown coming into full-swing and salons shutting down for unexpectedly long periods of time, people needed to find a way to get rid of those facial hairs which are hard to perfectly get rid of on your own, unless you’re an expert. With these super easy-to-use facial razors, getting rid of facial hair became easier than ever before. Since they are blades after all, it’s important to use a proper base like aloe gel and be careful!

Dr Jart Focuspot

People’s obsession with finding products that make blemishes disappear has lead to the Dr Jart Focuspot to go viral. They come in four kinds – Blemish, Line and Wrinkle, Dark Spot and Dark Circle, each which serves their own purpose, which is to essentially eradicate the above problems from your skin. They reportedly work wonders on all skin types.

Revlon One- Step Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush

TikTok can be toxic sometimes, but if you’ve learned one thing, you know it can be a super helpful community too. People love sharing their finds on TikTok and that’s one of the best parts about it. This Revlon one-step hair dryer and volumizer hot air brush is the perfect way to set your permanently frizzy hair. The best part? It’s an affordable hair product and it’s available on Amazon. It’s a steal which you need in you life.

Unicorn Fruit Body Butter

A clean and instagrammable body butter in one? Sounds like my unicorn dreams. This Unicorn Fruit Body Butter genuinely smells so good and looks so good and feels so good. It’s a fun moisturiser, but it does the job of hydrating really well. The product is so gorgeous and if you put it on post your shower, it melts onto your skin.

Freck Beauty OG Freckle Pen

This Freckle Pen from Freck Beauty makes it so easy to get freckles looking super natural. You just have to dab the product onto your face and you’re good to go! It’s quick, looks realistic and unbelievably natural and lasts a long time. You can top off any makeup look with just a few dots of this product for a slightly different-from-everyday-makeup look.

Kaja Blush Stamp

This cutesy blush stamp from KAJA makes putting on blush such a fun and simple process (who would’ve thought). The application is so cute and simple and though you’re supposed to blend the hearts which initially form on your cheeks, it looks so cute as is. We can’t get over this product.

Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops

photo from Sephora.com

These self-tanning drops from Isle of Paradise are easy to use for the most natural tan ever. Isle of Paradise has combined a colour correction approach along with a convenient formula which can be coupled with moisturiser. It allows you to control your glow so that you look like you took all your pictures during golden hour. It’s upto you to now decide if it gets better than this (we thought you’d say it doesn’t get better too).

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