Your Step By Step Guide To Becoming That Girl

TikTok trends are all the hype right now. There was a time when owning hydro flasks and wearing scrunchies was all the hype. A little while later, sporting all black ensembles along with a much of silver chains and rings to get the edgy look was seen everywhere. TikTok trends come and go very often, but one trend that has really caught the attention of many people is the ‘that girl’ trend, which you’ll see all around your for you page. The trend primarily revolves around adopting a lifestyle that puts your overall wellness at the forefront. Let’s break down everything about ‘that girl’ and a step-by-step guide to becoming the highest version of yourself.

There’s always that girl who seems to have her life together all the time – she starts off her day early, drinks green juices, works out almost everyday, consumes healthy whole foods, journals everyday, is extremely productive and basically always has her shit together. Over the last few weeks, many TikTok users decided to try out the ‘that girl’ lifestyle and let’s just say it gave us some inspo to get straight to working on our best selves. If you delve into the depths of this lifestyle, you’ll realise that becoming ‘that girl’ is a mindset and harder than it sounds, especially if you have trouble moving past unhealthy habits. not impossible if you do it step by step though. Although working on yourself is subjective to everyone, we’re going to help you break it down.

Try Waking Up Early

If your friend telling you that you need to fix your sleep schedule wasn’t enough, this is for you. Becoming ‘that girl’ means improving habits that can directly have a positive impact on your life. Waking up early will not only make you feel productive, you’ll find that it also adds a lot more time to your day, and you can get so much more done in the day. Also, a lot of people are more productive in the morning and are more likely to get the same amount of work done faster. The perks are endless.

Small Changes Make All The Difference

Small habit changes make all the difference. Instead of waking up and immediately going to the couch with a bowl of cereal, make your bed, do your skincare routine, workout, make yourself a green smoothie and nutritious breakfast, journal and get to work! It sound so much better by itself, imagine when you actually do it, your body will feel so strong, energised, nourished and all the good things. Altering your daily habits bit-by-bit will make a big difference to your lifestyle.

Shift Your Mindset, Practice Gratitude & Journal 

The most crucial element of becoming ‘that girl’ is shifting your mindset, from wallowing in self pity to seeing the positives in every situation. A mindset shift that could really help you in any situation is to shift your though process from ‘why is this happening to me’ to ‘what is this trying to teach me’. Getting out of your head and into the moment and appreciating all the little things about life is a super important aspect too. One of the best ways to practice gratitude is writing down all the little things in the day that make you happy in a journal.

Move Your Body 

Moving your body is a crucial part of any healthy lifestyle. To slowly transition into the ‘that girl’ lifestyle, try to get in some form of exercise everyday. You can go for a walk, do pilates, run, lift some weights, do yoga – anything that makes you feel strong. Exercising can be hard to push yourself to do sometimes, so we also highly suggest you keep switching up your exercise routine to make it an interesting thing for you to do everyday. Make sure you have an end goal so you wake up with purpose everyday to crush your workout. 

Stay Out Of Drama & Get Out Of Toxic Relationships

big part of the ‘that girl’ glow comes from living an unproblematic life, that is free of toxic relationships. Once you notice toxic patterns in relationships, break out of that situation immediately. Stay out of drama and don’t unnecessarily include yourself in negative situations that could potentially affect your mental well-being. Surround yourself with genuine people who don’t engage in drama and keep your inner circle small, trust. Quality always overrules quantity.

Find Your Signature Style – Clothing, Scent & Music

What’s everyone’s favourite place to be? Pinterest, thought as much. Finding your signature style of clothing, scent and music is not only a huge part of becoming ‘that girl’, but it also plays a significant role in figuring out your identity (we all have identity crisis’ at one point or another). To figure out your style, hop onto Pinterest and scroll through the millions outfits that are there and save them all to a board. After that, once you start noticing the type of items you gravitate towards, build your wardrobe accordingly. Same goes with scent; go to different beauty stores and try different perfumes and body care products. When you find one you absolutely adore, stick with it! Your music taste will be ever-changing with new releases and new styles of music coming out almost everyday but build up a playlist and you may notice yourself listening to specific genres a lot more than others.

Eat More Fruit And Veg

Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to eat bland salads or plain meals. Instead, it’s much more important to focus on shifting your overall food intake from processed foods, takeout meals and dishes and beverages with high sugar content and trans fat to nutritious food, high in protein, carbs and vitamins to fuel your body. Not only that, but you’ll also notice a significant change in your energy levels throughout the day. Every so often, try to switch up a packet of oreos for a plate of fresh fruits, but obviously, when you really want to, go for that takeout meal! Try to switch up the coffee that you keep drinking for the aesthetics for a kombucha or fresh juice.

Expand Your Knowledge

‘That girl’ is always looking to make herself better in every aspect of her life and that also includes broadening your horizons and all areas of your knowledge, by reading more and enriching yourself. Knowledge is power, and to master the art of self-confidence, which every ‘that girl’ seems to possess, it’s very important to expand the knowledge you already have. Buy more self-development books, pay more attention in class, plan your day to reach the peak of productivity and always look for ways to better yourself. 

Be Kind To Everyone & Compliment People

Kindness is more attractive than you’d ever think and can make you feel so good from inside. Being nice to everyone is something ‘that girl’ always does and something you should be doing on a daily basis. Complimenting strangers for anything good you see in them and seeing their face light up will bring both you and the other person so much happiness and knowing that you made someone’s day with a small sentence should be more than enough for you to compliment strangers daily!

Is There A Toxic Side To Becoming ‘That Girl’?

‘That girl’ often comes with a negative connotation attached to it, which makes people think becoming ‘that girl’ mainly revolves around becoming skinnier, instead of becoming the healthiest version of yourself, but that is absolutely false. The ‘that girl’ trend revolves around altering small unhealthy habits throughout the day, which all contributes to an overall big improvement, which helps you advance towards becoming the healthiest, strongest and most successful version of yourself. 

Disclaimer: Do Not Trust Everything You See On Social Media 

Becoming ‘that girl’ doesn’t mean you won’t have any bad days and you’ll always be thriving. Instead, it’s more focused on fully embracing yourself as you are and working, learning and growing and slowly cutting out the habits that aren’t beneficial for you in any way. Also remember: do not trust everything you see on social media, it’s usually a highlight reel of the person’s life. Instead, cut out the unnecessary distractions and get to working on yourself!

Images sourced from Pinterest.