TikTok Star Mishka Silva On Content Creation, Future Dreams & Advice To Her Followers

You’ve most likely come across TikTok, which has grown to become the most loved social media platform by the Gen-Z. From starting out small to growing an extremely supportive fan base, a prospective career in modelling to how she uses the platform she’s been given, TikTok star Mishka Silva tells all.

From wanting to fit in to some advice that you may have needed to hear today, stick to the end to discover Mishka and what she stands for.

Life Before Fame

Mishka is just another high schooler, except she’s not. She is 15 years old and was born in Texas, but is currently living her best life in Los Angeles. She started gaining momentum on TikTok, and now, even hangs out with other social media influencers like Cynthia Parker, Mads Lewis, Indiana, Riley Lewis and many others, as seen on her vibrant Instagram feed. 

She was encouraged by her father to experiment with social media. She tells us “I started social media when I was 12 and my dad really pushed me to do it and I honestly wasn’t really into it at the time.”  She eventually learned that she was on the right path and now she’s still discovering new things about herself.

“I was more worried about fitting in with the people at school rather than doing what was best for me, but of course with the support and motivation from my mom and dad I was able to just go with the flow and see what I felt was best for me and this year at the age of 15 I have started figuring out who I am and what I want to do in life and how I want to get there, but I still have a lot to learn!”

Using Her Platform

Mishka is an influencer who spreads awareness and uses her platform to spread positivity and happiness amongst those who follow her. She puts others before herself and she’s all about the good vibes. We love to see it!

When we asked her if she had 100 million dollars, how she would spend it? She says that “my honest answer is, I would get education for the whole world, give homeless people a shelter, and pay for any troubles in the world and use the left over money to buy my family a really nice house and lastly, buy myself my dream wardrobe.” 

She displays her passion for all things fashion and beauty and also uses social media as her creative outlet. “I try to use my platform to spread positivity and good vibes only and always giving confident energy to inspire people to not care what anyone thinks and just love yourself! I also love to showcase beauty on my platform and show my outfits or how I do my makeup or just doing things I love like singing and art and beauty of course.”

From Mishka to You: A Piece do Advice and an Important Message She Wishes To Spread

Mishka tries to ignore the negative comments about her and with a strong fan base, she is able to focus her thoughts on positivity.  When asked about about how she deals with hate on social media, her response was “personally, I’m a really strong person and I’m able to just ignore the negative things people say about me and I try to focus more on all the supportive and nice comments people leave for me!”

When asked about the message she wishes to spread on her social media platforms, she was quick to convey the message about body positivity and that everyone is unique and special in their own way.

“I really want to spread the message to not be afraid of showing people who you are. Everyone is unique and so so so beautiful in their own way and it’s super important to not compare yourself to other people you see online because, you are you and no one else gets to be you!

You have one body for the rest of your life so you might as well love it instead of spending your time hating it! It’s easier said than done and I know that from experience but as soon as I stopped comparing myself to other people I started to love myself and who I am as a person!”

A Message on Self-Love and Fan Support

What advice would you give to somebody who struggles to love the self the way they are? “When you stop comparing yourself to other people and doing things you love and wearing whatever make you feel beautiful regardless of what people think , it’s when everything flips around and you realise how beautiful you really are!” 

That’s an absolutely beautiful piece of advice because, all of us have trouble loving ourselves sometimes, and a strong support system can be very helpful. Mishka has an extremely supportive and empathetic supportive system, which consists of her family and some very loyal fans.

“I would love to tell my supporters that I love them so so much and I appreciate their support so much, it really means the world and I would be anywhere without you! You’re beautiful inside and out, know it!”

Future Plans and a Prospective Modelling Career

Mishka’s interests for the future lie in modelling. She loves posing and taking pictures of herself as is evident from her Instagram feed! 

When she was asked about what her dream career is and how she plans to achieve her dreams, she said “my dream is to become a top model and walk runways, be on magazines, etc. I plan on staying focused and taking every opportunity I get and meeting with more agencies to get started!”

She credits her success to her dedication, her family and loyal supporters. 

“I’m really proud of how far I’ve come by myself and obviously the support from my family and my supporters! I really truly wouldn’t be anywhere I am, if it weren’t for my amazing supporters who I get to call my friends!”

The Advice That Mishka Would Give Herself If she were to Become an Influencer All Over Again:

“If I  could start all over again I would tell myself to take it more seriously and be more focused on making my dreams come true, to also be myself and not worry what people think and stop trying to fit in.”

We also gave Mishka some fun, short questions to answer, so you can have a better view of who she is and discover some facts about her!

Fun Facts About Mishka:

Role model: my beautiful mother

Favourite TV Show: euphoria is my favourite show ever! 

Favourite Movie: Way too many movies but a few of my fav movies include titanic, the notebook, overboard, no strings attached, how to be a latin lover, instructions not included, the boy in the striped pajamas, step brothers, and many many more!

Dream place to visit: Hawaii, Bora Bora, or anything tropical!

Favourite colour: Lavender and baby blue!

A dream you wish to accomplish: becoming a successful model

Favourite food: salmon, avocado, prosciutto, pizza, everything really. (I bet a lot of us relate on that one!)

Celebrity crush: Timothée Chalamet, of course, Jacob Elordi, young Leonardo DiCaprio, and young Johnny Depp (a lot of us relate on this one too!)

Favourite song(s) at the moment: I have way too many! I like drinkin’ problem, backyard boy, anything by kings of leon, stolen dance; I also love the temper trap, and coldplay!

Go-to ice cream flavour: coffee flavor or banana!

Zodiac sign? Are you very much like the traits associated with your zodiac?

I’m an Aries, and I actually read so much about the signs during my free time because I find it funny how accurate they always are! I also like to ask my friends what their signs are and read about what they’re like for fun!

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