Books To Read When You Need A Good Cry

Entering another world through a book and being entranced by the world created by the author is an out-of-the-world feeling. There’s an added bonus when the book has a heart shattering ending that makes you sob. I mean it’s just so painful but so breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.

During the lockdown, it’s important to have something that can be your getaway from the boring life at home. A good sad book is the perfect way for you to go. The Teen Edit compiled 4 of the saddest books of all time that are heart-wrenching, but totally worth the read because the stories have been wonderfully encapsulated into a couple hundred pages.


In an unforgettable tale of a young boy, Khaled Hosseini has done it again. In a brilliantly devastating story, compelling characterisation rules over. You’ll be hooked onto it from the first few chapters itself. You’ll be drowning in the brilliance of the marvellous ability of Khaled Hosseini to capture loyalty, betrayal, trauma and essentially redemption into this heartbreaking story of a kite runner.

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The entire story was portrayed in a beautiful and glorious way and the entire book has portrayed the situations of life and their consequences in a remarkable way. Violet, a girl struggling to find joy in life learns to live from Finch, a boy who wants to die. Jennifer Niven does a masterful job in describing their emotions and it’s tough not to get influenced by the whirlwind of the characters’ emotions.

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They Both Die At The End is a wondrous story of two teenaged boys who find out they have one day left to live. The title may give some parts of the story away but the plot is masterful and character development is fantastic. Raw emotions dominate above everything else and they are not forced. The ending will make you want to live a better life and do bigger things.

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The Way I Used To Be gives an insight into a world of hurt, hardships, struggles, healing and life in general. You will be drowned into the chapters and give you different perspectives to the actual story. This book is enjoyable and thought-provoking at the same time. It’s tough, but it’s completely worth the read.

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