5 High-Quality Activewear Brands That Will Motivate You To Work Out

Working out on a daily basis can become boring quickly, especially if you train within the four corners of your home. Looking for motivation to get out of bed? New workout gear is your answer. Never hesitate to workout again with versatile activewear, that keeps you moving and are all under $100.

The Teen Edit has compiled 5 high-quality activewear brands that won’t rip off your wallet either. There are just a few long-lasting activewear brands, that are affordable, while also providing you with flexibility, in terms of fits, colours, sizes, prints, etc. Plus, they look stunning, have the right feel while working out and give you the opportunity to extract the most out of your workout so you can crush your goals.


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Co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics features some of the most amazing deals, year round. If you sign up for VIP membership, you can get your first pair of leggings for $24. VIPs can also benefit off of the products and get huge discounts. There’s more information about their VIP membership on their website. Overall, their collections have very flattering fits and colours and an amazing range of fabric, compression and sizes. The activewear also gives an amazing lift to the entire body and it holds everything in, which is amazing for heavy workouts. They also have some items which are ideal for low impact workouts, yoga and walking. Shop Fabletics


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Their collections range from super soft, second-skin feel to high compression, perfect for all kinds of workouts. The official Old Navy website offers many discounts, making these the most affordable, yet amazing workout clothes accessible to most people. Also, during the holidays, their prices drop to insane amounts. Old Navy has a great range of clothing and there’s something in it for everyone. Shop Old Navy


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Aerie features some super vibrant and fun pieces, that are totally worth it. They’re affordable, attractive and amazing. From snakeskin to cheetah print to simple and plain colours, their have a wide collection for you to choose from. Plus, they have different fabric types for different workout levels too, some of the leggings are very soft and comfortable. Shop aerie

4. H&M

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You probably haven’t even noticed that H&M has an activewear section while you were busy shopping for a good pair of mom jeans. However, if you check out their activewear section, you’ll find some amazing items. They have a wide variety of compressions and fits, and they are long-lasting, high-quality and sweat wicking. They offer some really unique shades and with their sales, their products are steals. Overall, great for all types of workouts and very affordable. Shop H&M


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White Fox Boutique has some very fun and attractive prints. Although most people buy casual outfits from this online store, their activewear game is at an all-time high. They have some amazing print in their sets and also do many giveaways so be sure to check out their Instagram account! Also, they have a variety of necklines and a huge range of bright colours on days that you want some extra pops of colour. Add some colour into your workout wardrobe with the stylish sets from White Fox. Shop White Fox