15 Fun Activities To Do If You’re Single On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is simply one of the most dreaded days of the year for the singles, who have to deal with all the PDA, friends talking about their significant others, the fancy things they’re doing for each other, the list goes on. Even without an SO to spend the day with, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to suck so much and there’s a lot of things you can do on this day, especially if you’re single. 

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect thing to do at home or want to treat yourself to a single date, The Teen Edit has you covered. There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a day of love, than to celebrate yourself and show yourself some extra love. Buckle up, because you are going to have one of the best days of your life, on your own (and it’s a great opportunity to spite the couples), let’s get right into it.

Go On A Single Date: Put on your favourite outfit, whether that be a glam dress with red lipstick or a casual tank and jeans, and head straight out to your favourite cafe, because you deserve it. If you’re unable to step out due to COVID restrictions, order in! The date can be anywhere, if you’re feeling it, you could put up a picnic for yourself, go to the beach, literally anything you want to do.

Have A Spa Day: If you’re in the mood for some self-care, a spa day sounds just perfect. Book yourself a session at your local spa and release all the stress and nerves that you won’t even realise has built up inside you. If your bestie is single too, let her join you to make this day one to remember.

A Night In With Your Pals/Gals: Nothing screams a night of fun than a night with your closest friends. There’s a good chance you’re not the only single one in your friend group, so call them over to your house, turn off the lights, dance, sing, eat and do everything you love to do.

Ultimate Movie Marathon: Yep, we’re talking watching all the Harry Potter movies in a row. You obviously may not be able to finish all, so the movie marathon can happen over a course of few days. Just pick out your favourite movies, grab your favourite snacks and watch on.

Cook/Order A Fancy Meal: That’s right, just how a couple would spend Valentine’s night, you can too. You can cook up something special for yourself or order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant. There’s no shortage of heart-shaped food around this time, so if you’re feeling festive, go ahead, order it and devour every single bite by yourself. 

Splurge On Some New Goodies: Shopping doesn’t give me immense serotonin, said nobody ever. Treat yourself to some gifts of your choice. Added something to your cart and haven’t checked out yet? This is your opportunity to do so right now.

Go To A Local Theme Park: There’s a good chance you haven’t been to a theme park for a long time now, and there’s no better way to spend time with yourself than this. If your close pals are single too, have them accompany you for the day. Hit the website, get yourself some tickets and go enjoy yourself.

Dress Up Fancy: Put a little extra effort into looking put together (we know you haven’t been dressing up for days), get into your favourite outfit or try out a new aesthetic to spice up your day. Go the extra mile with your clothes, experiment new styles, who knows, you might unexpectedly end up finding a new style aesthetic!

Get A Makeover: If you’re ready to switch up your look, there’s no better time to do it than now. Get some funky streaks, get your routine hair chop done but switch up the style, ask a local MUA to guide you with some makeup products that would suit you or get those nails like the ones you’ve saved to your Pinterest board.

Have A Photoshoot: You can’t get glam and not take pictures for the ‘gram, right? Take your pictures up a notch by getting a local photographer to take pictures of you or DIY! Grab a tripod stand, find some good lighting, a pretty background and click away.

Take A Fun Class: Whether that means busting those moves on the dance floor or going for a Pilates reformer class, sign yourself up for that new skill/class you’ve been wanting to try for days, it’ll be worth it.

Binge A New Show: Wanted to watch Bridgerton after hearing everyone’s raves but haven’t had the time? You won’t get any better time than this. Cozy up in your favourite sweats, pick up some snacks and drinks, turn off the lights if you want to and binge watch.

Buy Yourself Roses & Chocolates: If you’re feeling very festive but single, we highly recommend you get yourself fresh roses and a box of chocolates, we guarantee you’ll feel like a baddie later. If you’ve got a chocolatier nearby, why not go learn some new chocolate skills and take home a box of your favourite ones?

Organise A Karaoke Night: It could be with your best pals or alone, sing the lyrics to your favourite songs melodiously or at the top of your lungs, either way, a karaoke night is always a fun way to spend quality time with yourself and loved ones.

Camp Or Have A Picnic: Set up a cute tent, in your backyard, local park or any safe, open area, hang some lights and call your single friends over. Get speakers to play your favourite playlists, organise for a dessert charcuterie board and tell everyone to come dresses in casual-comfy clothes. If you want to take it up a notch, why not organise a campfire, toast some marshmallows and have a good time with yourself or friends. Who even said Valentine’s couldn’t be fun alone?