How To Throw The Best Galentine’s Day Celebration

Before 2010, the days before Valentine’s Day used to suck, especially for the singles and Valentine’s Day was officially the I’m-too-single-to-talk-to-anyone day. February was the month for couples and felt hauntingly long, but that’s before Galentine’s Day came around. Before, there was so much pressure to be the cutest couple, but now that this day has come around, there’s no stress of being social media-level romantic. Though you might’ve already guessed from the name, this day is in fact, for the gals. So no stress to be perfect, you can however be perfectly authentic and spend some quality time with your close pals. Sounds better than Valentine’s Day to me…

So, how exactly did it come by? It dates back to 2010, when in an episode of the hit sitcom television series, Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope, hosts a brunch for her girlfriends on February 13th, which was all about ladies celebrating ladies. The girls loved the idea of it, and started celebrating it, officially making it the most enjoyable day of February. It quickly became a famous concept and that’s how Galentine’s Day came to be what it is today.

The question is, how can you celebrate Galentine’s Day and make it a day to remember? There’s no right or wrong way to do it, telling your pals you appreciate them with a cute message is enough, but there’s just something about hosting a really good party. If you’re thinking how you could do it, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. From supplies to food and drinks, The Teen Edit hasn’t left a stone unturned, just so that you and your gals can have the best day ever! Incoming: a lot of pink.

Pick A Location

You can’t host Galentine’s Day anywhere, because let’s be real, this day needs to be as extra as possible. *emphasis on needs* Your location should obviously be a safe space for you and your gals, so that you can have a blast. You could decorate your living room and host it there, you could set up a picnic at a park or backyard or literally go to the beach! Irrespective of the location, hanging out with your girlfriends is always fun, so don’t stress about this too much.

A Theme Party: Pick A Theme

Truth be told, everyone loves a good theme party and Galentine’s Day is no exception. We’re not talking pink and red outfits, we’re talking legit themes, but it’s totally upto you to make it as extra or as simplistic as you’d like. While your outfits may depend on your location, here’s a few ideas: you could dress up as your childhood heroes (as Ms Swift and her iconic girl squad did one time for Halloween), a slumber party, for a fun sleepover in comfy, matching pajamas, with some fuzzy slippers, as your favourite main character, you could get glam or you could just skip this step altogether: give them the freedom to choose their fit.

Decorate The Place

Nope, we aren’t talking spending thousands on decor, but just making it a cute set up because the decor actually sets up the whole vibe of the celebration. Since you’re celebrating your girls, you might as well create a fun setup. You could just put up a pink tapestry, with some LED lights and pink and white balloons. It’s easy, not too expensive and gram-worthy.

A Secret Galta (Gal Santa)

A secret gift exchange is never a bad idea and nothing screams females celebrating each other than a cute gift exchange moment. You could set up a budget, think of something meaningful to them, wrap it up in cutesy, minimalist designs and mail it to them in time for Galentine’s Day. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, just a simple gift would make anyone so happy. If you’re not gonna host it in real life, make sure to mail the gifts to them and conduct a group video call, where everyone takes turns opening their gifts.

Bring Out The Food & Drinks

There’s definitely no shortage of heart-shaped food during this time of the year, so you might as well put it to good use. You could hit up your local bakery and call for some pink cookies, cake pops, icicles, pies or pizza (yea, you read that right) or create it from scratch yourself. There’s a high chance of your bakery or cafe being able to deliver you these. For drinks, you could get some pink lemonade, iced tea, latte with hearts in them, basically whatever you and your gals enjoy eating, but make it Galentine’s Day special.

A Dessert Board


Much like a cheese board, a dessert board has a fashionable twist to it, because instead of cheese, crackers and grapes, you’re gonna add your favourite candy. You can get as creative and extra with this as you like. Put together pink and red sweets from Sour Patch Kids to Hershey’s Kisses, you’ve got total freedom with this one. You can also add the TikTok-famous breakable heart to the board for some extra fun.