Channel Your Inner Dream Girl With La Meno Jewelry

Jewelry is that accessory which can make or break an outfit, literally. When it comes to dainty, elegant pieces, there’s nothing quite like La Meno Jewelry. The pieces are small, elegant, very high quality and just elevates your outfit to a whole new level, which makes them totally worth the investment. There’s a perfect balance between it making your outfit look complete and being a standout pieceAs an avid user of jewelry, we can confirm that La Meno Jewelry is a staple to your collection, whether you *actually* decide to put on a glam outfit and add some stunning pieces or just for lounging in your sweats at home.

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Energy Stone Bracelets

The Energy Stone Bracelets are handmade with gemstones, which are delicate and come with beautiful colour combinations. The quality of the stones used will exceed your expectations. In addition to this, the stones are not just for show. Each of the stones on the bracelet serve a purpose, to bring positive energy into your life, which can especially be very useful during this time. The bracelets can be perfectly incorporated into any look, and will simply look stunning when paired with an elegant outfit.

The Energy Stone Bracelets Collection features various combinations of stones and some of the designs include Eclipse, Secret Garden, Prosperity, Future, Oceanside. All the bracelets on the collection feature a different combination of stones, which range from jade to aquamarine. They’re so dainty and beautiful, you’ll be in love on first sight!

The Teen Edit’s Favourite: Love Is Protection Bracelet 

Made with White Jade and Rose Quartz, this bracelet is an ethereal addition to a minimalistic outfit. The Love Is Protection Bracelet is an aesthetic dream, which features a combination of white, pink and gold. It’s gorgeous, sturdy and the best part: it doesn’t tarnish even after long periods of use. 

The White Jade and Rose Quartz have been skilfully incorporated into the overall design of the bracelet, which is made of 14K filled gold and is tied up with a baby pink ribbon. The star in the center really is the star of the show. *pun intended* Made with CZ, the small star in the center is what makes the Love Is Protection bracelet simplistic, yet in touch with extravagance. The Rose Quartz brings glamour and confidence, while the White Jade brings good luck, fortune and happiness and blocks negative energy.

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The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • The colour combination on this one is *chef’s kiss*. The baby pink and whitish-grey colour make this piece look so stunning.
  • It can easily be incorporated into any outfit and looks beautiful with anything you decide to wear, even if that’s a plain white dress.
  • It doesn’t tarnish easily, and can be worn for long periods of time without any damage.

The Hexagon Collection 

This collection embodies the statement ‘beauty in simplicity’. The Hexagon Collection features a range of bracelets, anklets and necklaces, each of which have a stone in the centre, that has been inserted into a custom colour hexagon-shaped outline. You can choose between 14K Gold or Sterling Silver, both of which perfectly complement the colour of the stone in the centre. 

Simplicity is front and centre, and these pieces are a must have because they add so much elegance to your outfit and just seem to complete your entire look. The bracelet opens by pulling a smart lock to loosen the chain and similarly, closes by pulling the chain to adjust the position of the smart lock. The opening and closing of the bracelet is an easy-to-use and efficient system. And we haven’t even come to the best part yet. You can add a note at checkout if you want to customise the size of your bracelet. The stones have unique patterns and veining, so both these features make the bracelet, one-of-a-kind, like you!

The Teen Edit’s Favourite: Amethyst 

The Amethyst Bracelet is a cute addition to any look, simply because it is so minimal, that it can easily go unnoticed but it is captivating at the same time. The Amethyst Stone in the center is a purple gemstone, one of the most beautiful shades of purple. It is anti-tarnish, anti-allergy and the bracelet is dainty, yet very high quality. Each bracelet’s gemstone serves a particular purpose, and Amethyst brings in confidence and courage. Amethyst is the February birthstone, but you can browse for your birth month’s hexagon bracelet here.

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The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • The gemstones in the center add so much definition to a simple look.
  • It is anti-tarnish, long-lasting, high-quality and anti-allergy, which means anyone can wear it.
  • The sizing is customisable, so you can finally get a bracelet that fits you perfectly well.

The Dazzling Sloane Collection 

When we say it’s our favourite collection, you know it means something because there is a very wide range of choices on La Meno Jewelry. You’ll be enchanted when you first see the items in The Dazzling Sloane Collection, we guarantee it. The pieces are eye-catching, without being over-the-top and the intricately created detailing on the jewelry will leave you mesmerised. 

The Teen Edit’s Favourite: Luna & Star Pendant Necklace

The Luna & Star is a perfect embodiment of what a dream girl is all about, the pendant itself radiates an incandescent glow. The crescent-shaped pendant is adorned with studs, has a star inserted in the middle, and from below the moon-shaped piece, two short stems branch out from it, which also have circular-shaped studs carved into them. The intricacy on this piece is enchanting, mesmerising, charming and all the good things incorporated into a single necklace. 

You also get the choice between 18K Rose Gold, Sterling Silver or 18K Gold, and the necklace itself, is dainty, yet high-quality and durable. You can pair this with the most basic outfit like a white tank and light-washed jeans and it would be a perfect blend between being a part of the outfit and stealing the show. 

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The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • The intricacy on this one is simply mind-blowing. Delicate, dazzling and an absolute need.
  • It’s so chic that it can elevate any outfit and goes exceedingly well with simple ones.
  • The pendant is unparalleled: it’s eye-catching without being too extra. *heart eyes*

Beautiful Design & Excellent Quality

It’s not a stretch to say that we’ve fallen in love with the dainty, elegant and gorgeous pieces on La Meno Jewelry. It’s hard to damage and even harder to dislike. You’ll be mesmerised by the plethora of choices you’ll get, from varieties of stones, to materials and for some products, even the sizes. The designs are sophisticated and hand-made in Los Angeles, so you don’t have to worry about the condition of the jewelry you’ll receive, the products will always be of excellent quality. It’s finally time to enjoy quality pieces without breaking the bank.

Valentine’s Day Gifting

If you’re a late-gifter and are looking for some cute pieces for your significant other, friends, family or yourself, look no further: treat them or yourself with beautiful gifts from La Meno Jewelry. Although the products might reach a couple days post Valentine’s they/you won’t be disappointed at all, it will be totally worth the wait. Truly timeless.

You’ll be sure to receive high-quality essentials, the ultimate jewelry satisfaction. La Meno Jewelry checks off all the boxes of being an aesthetic jewelry dream, you’ll be obsessed and feeling like a dream girl. With some exclusions, the entire store is 25% off right now. This is not a drill: go get your loved ones some quality Valentine’s Day gifts now! 

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