Streetstyle Like No Other: Elevate Your Summer Fits With Adika

After a good six months of lounging in sweatpants, summer is incoming and that signals some cool as hell fits, which means it’s finally time to *actually* get decked up in the cutest outfits and we’re not mad about it (to be very real, we are kinda tired of putting on the same hoodie everyday). Normally, summers means a basic tank and denim shorts (*yawn*), but this year, we’re taking it up a notch with epic streetstyle fits. 

Yep, it’s time to channel your inner off-duty model attitude, not to mention, with the clothes we’re about to recommend to you, you might as well call yourself Hailey Bieber. With all that, 2021 has also been the year of trendy fits, with new styles hitting your Insta feed or TikTok FYP weekly, making it hard to keep up. But as always, we’ve got you. This is where Adika comes in and trust us when we say that the world of Adika is one you’ll want to live in. 

Adika is a fast-moving, forward-fashion website, which has the latest style trends hitting their website at a rapid pace, making it one of the most sought-out brands among the sassiest young women, who are redefining fashion. 

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The Hottest Styles In Town

Wanna hear more? We thought so. After we tell you all about Adika, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself doing hot girl sh*t (by that we mean being dressed up in Adika all the time) during the hot summers, because they have exactly what you need. With fast-paced production, you’ll find the dopest styles in everything, ranging from casual fits to party wear, created with high-quality material that is best suited for that style season. C’mon, let’s show you our current favs!

Witt Rib Knit Top 

The basic top, which isn’t so basic, but is definitely a must-have in your wardrobe, especially with the incoming summer. The ribbed top is so versatile that you can pair it with a regular pair of jeans for a basic fit or the most funky bottoms for an experimental outfit. Either way, the tie detail is sure to elevate any outfit, be it absolutely basic or the most unconventional. It also comes in an elegant baby pink.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the criss-cross string which gets tied around the back adds so much to the simplest outfits and is very trendy right now, this ribbed top is perfect for all kinds of occasions, the pink is like a cherry on the top.

Venice Acid Wash Jeans

Talk about a stunning pair of wide-leg jeans! The blue abruptly, but swiftly transitions into the white, and they also feature an eye-catching rip detail in the centre. The quality of the denim is unparalleled too. With a flattering fit, the acid-washed jeans make for a statement pair. An easy vibe and even easier to style!

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the transition from blue to white featuring the rip detail and a wide-leg, slightly baggy fit makes this one an easy favorite and go-to for streetwear. 

CALI Sweatshirt

Neutrals have made a comeback and they’re not going anywhere. The CALI Sweatshirt is so comfortable – you’ll be living in it. The beige and black combo makes it not overdone, but just striking enough. Light-washed jeans, the CALI Sweatshirt and Air Force 1s or high-rise combat boots make a perfect outfit for laid-back lunches.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: a laid back vibe, the beige colour along with the black pattern on the sweatshirt calls for a chill outing in this casual-cute outfit, and the subtle hues really jumps out.

Sparkz Rhinestone Detail Jeans

These straight-leg ripped jeans have the most stunning rhinestone chains embellished to the front of the pockets. You can stand out from a crowd wearing regular skinny jeans and have your iridescent fashion moment. Additionally, these jeans have a much longer street life than just the summer time, just because they are so unique and not over-the-top.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: an unconventional vibe, the rhinestone chains that adorn the front pockets is eye-catching and elevates the traditional pair of jeans, hands-down a great pair for a casual, but-make-it-fashion vibe.

LOVE Graffiti Denim Jacket

Think denim jackets, but with more spunk. If you want to add spice to your basic fit, this jacket is the perfect for layering and will very soon become your go-to. The minor details add so much depth to a simple outfit, so you can make your statement, no matter how basic your base layers may be.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: a good old jean jacket but with a modern twist, the bright-coloured graphic graffiti and distressed details here and there makes this a staple for basic outfits.

SPOKEN Ripped Jeans

Make your statement, literally.  These high-waisted jeans have a mom fit (yup, that’s still in style), with graphic-printed words on one side and a distressed detail on the other. It’s so versatile to style and looks especially good with funky tops, we’re calling it – it’s definitely an edgy staple.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the graphic design and the rip in the centre on the other side call for an edgy vibe, perfect for classic washed-high waisted jean lovers.

DUNK Color-Block Varsity Jacket

We’re really digging the dual tone on this jacket. High-school varsity vibe, it has a super relaxed fit featuring the coolest graphic and embroidery designs on the front. The minor stripes at the edges may go unnoticed, but definitely elevate the jacket. Overall, it’s very versatile and just adds so much streetstyle swag to any outfit.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the dual-toned black-beige jacket, coupled with the graphic print and embroidery designs is such a winner combination and just like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles, varsity jackets will never go out of style.

Brokes Asymmetric Jeans

These high-waisted, mom-fit washed jeans will be your new favourite jeans (‘cause everyone has their fav pair). The asymmetric waistband and hemline accentuates your waist, giving you a flattering silhouette and is an absolute need for casual outings. You’ll *actually* want to skip wearing leggings. Pair with a ruched white cut-out crop top and Air Force 1s or combat boots for a casual-chic fit.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the asymmetric waistband and hemline, along with the lines that run through them elevates this regular pair of bottoms, and also works perfect as a regular bottom for a funky top.

Sparky Velvet Diamante Jumpsuit 

This jumpsuit offers major glitz and is the perfect option if you want to switch up your typical party dress. The chic sparkly jumpsuit offers a bell-bottomed detail, a long-sleeved, v-neck style and shoulder pads (which all add so much to it) and are so easy to accessorise. Effortless, sexy, stylish and elegant – you’ll be decked up in this all summer-parties long.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: a sophisticated way to breeze through parties in style, all the minor details add so much to the jumpsuit and the holo effect of the sparkles is quite glamorous and feminine itself.

Bianco Faux Leather Booties 

These boots were made for walking around everywhere (because to be honest, you won’t want to get them off). The white-textured, black-heeled faux leather boots feature a zip detail in the front. Whether you’re dressing up or down, you can easily find outfits to match the vibe of your fit. Yeah, we know they say white is for summers, but you’ll be pulling these boots out every damn season. 

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the black heel-white boot contrast along with the textured effect of the white part is a stunner, no matter how basic or atypical your outfit is, you can undoubtedly make your fashion statement with these boots.

Stay On Top Of Your Fashion Game

Social media has resulted in a meteoric rise of trends, but Adika stays on the top of their game. After identifying a particular trend, the Adika team hustles BTS to bring you the hottest fits at the peak trend time, with elevations that’ll keep your trend-game in check, but will also make you stand out.  

Amid the pulsating global fashion scene, you’ll undoubtedly find the sassiest, grooviest styles on Adika, which will soon become your favourite fashion brand. Each item is spot-on trendy and uniquely timeless. With zero filler items on their website, you’ll have no stress finding items that will keep you stylishly cool, year-round and you won’t be spending countless hours browsing through basic items, again. *sigh of relief*

Dopest Styles & Exceptional Quality

With every incoming collection, Adika always manages to outdo their past selves in both style and quality. The unparalleled product designing is visible in the outcome. The products are unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, so that young women can express themselves through their sartorial choices in trendy, but uniquely different at the same time. You’ll be captivated by the impeccable quality of each item on Adika. Each item’s attention to quality and detail is exceptional. 

Experience The Adika World

Born in 2011, Adika made a name for itself among the competitive fashion scene and is now, globally one of the most sought-out brands among young females. You can also get a hyped taste of Adika in a fashion wonderland retail store in Soho, NYC.

Along with this, the Adika website is efficient and easy-to-use. With a tonne of new items hitting the website monthly, they offer worldwide shipping, which can only mean one thing – wherever in the world you are, you can always be an Adika Girl and have access to the latest trends, so your fashion game can be top-notch all the time.

Stay On The Radar: Keep Up With Adika

For some more eye-candy, press that follow button on Adika’s Instagram and TikTok. The carefully curated aesthetic will never let you down. Stay up-to-date for news on the latest launches (yes, please!), outfit ideas from the trendiest girls fitted in Adika (we know you desperately need new outfit ideas) and psst.. they also regularly have huge giveaways, including gifts of upto $1000 worth of Adika items. Go hit that follow button right tf now!

Everything, right from product designing right upto customer service is faultless and unparalleled. Get the Adika experience and understand what the rave is all about! 

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