Be The Trendsetter: Shop Dreamy Vintage Prints At Baun Studio

After a good year of perpetually living in sweatpants, so far, 2021 has been *the* year of trends, serving ‘90s looks and we’re not mad about it. From liquid-printed pants to bright to funky, abstract sweaters and everything in between, the new year has brought the freshest vibes. Intricate patterns with basic designs are making a comeback and we’re so here for it.

This year, we moved far away from  basic outfits, and you’ve likely seen retro trends flooding your Insta feed. Yep, we’re channelling ‘90s pop star vibes and that means we’re edging away from skinny jeans and tank tops and going back eras past. This is where Baun Studio comes in. Based in Denmark, Baun Studio is a female-founded brand that takes inspiration from the coolest prints in the market and creates stunning designs, so you’ll be suited up in the coolest fits, year-round. 

Wanna hear more? Then we’d also like to tell you that the fashion icon and queen of styling vintage clothes, Emma Chamberlain herself, has been spotted wearing some fashionable pieces from Baun Studio and obviously, if Miss Chamberlain wears something, we follow. Let’s not miss the fact that this is total Britney vibes. Baun Studio is very much legit and exactly what you need to elevate your fits right now.

Shop Baun Studio here.

One-Shoulder Tops


We’re all about that hologram effect. The one-shoulder tops from Baun Studio make for an instant fashion moment. The colours are eye-catching, and the top can be worn on every occasion, from parties to laid back lunches. The tops are made of a strong but stretchable lycra fabric, so depending on your preference of the fit, choose your size. Each size covers a wide spectrum of measurements, so if you want it to be figure-hugging or slightly loose, size down or up, respectively.

Even when styled with a simple pair of bottoms, the top is simply a standout piece and you’ll be turning heads, for sure. Pair it with a neutral pair of bottoms and boots to complete your ensemble. The tops will up the cool-factor on all your outfits, which only means that you’ll be the trendiest babe in town. To put it quite plainly: you’ll be looking fabulous.

The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • Perfect for any occasion: a night party or a daytime date, pair it with whatever suits the vibe of your occasion.
  • The strong and stretchable lycra fabric allows it to create the most flattering shape.
  • ‘I don’t want the attention, but want to stand out’ kinda vibe. We’re digging it!

Abstract Printed Pants


After taking inspiration from the grooviest prints in the market, Baun Studio goes on to market their fabric designs and elevates it to a whole new level. The abstract prints are unmatched, unlike anything you’ve seen before and are sure to exceed your expectations. Plus, Baun Studio allows you to customise your size in pants, giving you the optimum chance to experience the best possible fit (we know the crazy struggle with finding pants that actually fit). At the checkout, you only have to state the required measurements. 

The silhouette of the pants will hug your body, giving you the most flattering shape. Made with soft lycra fabric, the pants allow you to be comfortable, while also making your fashion statement and we guarantee that you’ll be feeling like a total ‘90s pop star. If you’re able to snatch a top to match, it’s a total win. When paired with the matching top or a neutral crop top and a complementary colour sandals, the aesthetic of your outfit will be unmatched. This is not a drill: grab yourself a pair now!

The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • The aesthetics of the print and design of the pants is unparalleled. You’ll never want to buy slim-fit jeans again.
  • You can customise the measurements to fit you, finally.
  • Trendy, stylish and mega-groovy. You’re going to initiate a trend in your town, hands down. It’s comfy, but feels streetwear-cool.

Hologram-Effect & Blingy Clothing

The hologram print is what makes Baun Studio stand out from the rest. Their carefully crafted hologram and blingy pieces range from tube tops to full pants and include one-shoulder tops, tanks, long-sleeved tops and even dresses, so you can find the perfect number to go with any occasion. The tones on all the pieces are not over-the-top, but just in touch with extravagance.

The next time you step out for whatever occasion it may be, you’ll always find yourself reaching for these pieces because while they may not be basic, they are definitely a staple in your wardrobe, for all kinds of outings, be it casual or formal, you’re always going to look chic in these pieces. You can have fun, stay confident and own your look in some blingy pieces from Baun Studio, all while not breaking the bank.

The Teen Edit’s Favourite Points:

  • Modern, but still in touch with the ‘90s. Not overly done, but still in touch with extravagance. Sure sounds like a win-win to us!
  • Being unconventional and having retro vibes, the hologram-effect and blingy pieces make for a statement outfit. 
  • The pants are elastic at the waste and the tops are stretchable, thus, both deliver the most flattering shape and unmatched fit to your beautiful figure.

The Modern Trendsetter’s Dream


Baun Studio creates trendy but timelessly unique pieces and it’s the ultimate modern trendsetter’s dream. The prints and styles are unconventional, so you can be individualistic and be confident in your own style, all while being the trendsetter in your town. You can totally make your fashion statement with any piece from Baun Studio, because when you’re wearing these out of the house, we’re pretty damn sure that you’re going to be turning heads.

Unique, Elegant, Stylish & Cool


The distinctive element in clothes from Baun Studio is the design on each item and that’s what sets it apart from regular clothing brands. The brand has the unforgettable ‘90s pop star era vibe and the apparel from Baun Studio is a representation of it. It is the idea of unpredictable clothing that makes fashion so interesting and with Baun Studio, you can dare to be different. Unique, elegant, stylish and cool, the unconventional, rare custom pieces will have you feeling like a fashion icon.

Stay On The Radar: Keep Up With Baun Studio 

For more information on latest drops (because they sell out FAST!), styling ideas with products from Baun Studio (hey, we could all use a little outfit inspo once in a while, especially when that inspo is often coming from the fashion icon, Emma Chamberlain herself) and psst… exclusive giveaways are also held, so you could stand a chance of winning items from this iconic fashion brand. Go hit up that follow button on Instagram!