6 Unique & Affordable Ways To Make An Outfit Look Expensive

We spend so much time picking out our outfits and a lot of the time, we end up confused and unhappily but on a basic outfit. To help you, here’s 6 unique and affordable ways to elevate any outfit and make it look expensive. You can also add some of these pieces to freshen up your wardrobe; they are versatile items, so you’ll have absolutely no problem finding a tonne of outfits to style them with.

We understand the struggle with going out in the same white top and blue jeans, so we decided to help you (and ourselves) with this list. The Teen Edit came up with the best easy, unique and affordable ways to spice up your outfit quickly. Some of these may come to use when you’re rushing to find an outfit to wear and can only pull out a basic one. You’ll easily be able to find most of these at very affordable prices at many stores and you can discover unique fashion at thrift stores too.

1. Baguette Bags


Baguette bags add so much classiness to any basic outfit. They are easily available at most clothing shops and thrift stores at affordable prices. Looking for a cute way to spice up outfits? This is your answer. They look expensive no matter what you wear. Vintage designer baguette bags are an easy find, plus, if you put them on with a literal basic outfit, like a tank top and pants, it’ll up your whole outfit game.

2. Bandanas


Bandanas have been one of the biggest trends this year. Mainly because they are so affordable and are literally just a square piece of printed cloth tied around the head. When you wear them, they enhance the fit and look so cute. Plus, there are so many ways that you can style your bandanas. It is definitely one of the easiest ways to look sassy. You’ll literally be pulling off every outfit you wear.

3. Gold Jewellery or Layered Necklaces


Gold jewellery? More like gold jewellery that looks so beautiful when you layer it appropriately. A lot of us own a few pieces of gold jewellery. Layering it and suiting it to fit your outfit can immediately make you look very elegant and ethereal. Channel your inner dreamy fit by putting on a few gold jewellery pieces!
PRO-TIP: Never underestimate the power of chains and pearl white clips along with the gold jewellery.

4. Sassy Sunglasses


Never spend tonnes of money again to buy sunnies just because they’re ‘UV absorbent’. You can easily buy sunglasses that don’t make your bank account cry and are safe and look hella good. An added bonus and one that we tried to avoid admitting is that sunglasses are a saviour when it comes to under eye bags (which have now become a TikTok trend; who would’ve thought?). If you need some inspiration, you could check out Emma Chamberlain’s Instagram account because we totally drew inspiration from the fashion icon herself. Some of our favourite sunglasses that look sassy are in the picture above and are in fact, from Emma’s sunglass line!

5. Vintage Jackets


Oversized never hurt nobody. By adding an oversized vintage jacket to any basic outfit, it really ups your outfit game. Channel your inner Madison Beer while walking through the streets because vintage jackets will have you feeling like a fashion icon. You don’t even need to rip off your wallet to purchase one, there are a tonne of impressive and unique vintage jackets in thrift stores like Depop. Also, do not underestimate the power of plaid and animal prints. They look super chic and it’s easy to style them too!



Watches add that amount of glamour which your outfit lacks most of the time. You don’t need to own a Rolex, adding any gold or silver strapped watch to your outfits makes the entire outfit look effortless, expensive and adds a whole tonne of elegance and classiness. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing an LBD or something just as basic, having a watch on you makes the entire outfit look alluring.