Limited Edition Reworked Pieces Of Your Vintage Dreams: Shop Esther Huong

Every season, endless new fashion trends make their way into the streetwear world, but especially in 2021, we’re already in April (wait, what?!) and yet, there’s been an upsurge in the number of trends this year and we aren’t mad about it! (Is it weird that the thought of *actually* putting on a whole outfit is appealing now?) The endless and unforgettable ‘90s vibes have made a comeback this year, stronger than ever. That can only mean one thing: reworked and unconventional vintage pieces.

Yeah, we’re talking about those super limited edition pieces of your vintage dreams that you’ll not hesitate to buy and if you ever have a second thought about them, they’ll be sold out by then. We’re channelling streetstyle icon, trendsetter vibes here because the reworked vintage pieces that we’re about to recommend to you are sure to liven up your whole fit in an instant and make your wardrobe reigning supreme. These pieces are going to make you the *official* trendsetter and will hands down, make you stand out from a crowd. This is where Esther Huong comes in.

If you’re in the mood for a little splurge, Esther Huong is the way to go. Based in Copenhagen, Esther Huong is a slow-fashion brand, which uses recycled and residual material, and production of each item is thus undertaken at very limited quantities. Passionate about sustainability, Esther Huong transforms your vintage fashion dreams into reality, using the dreamiest, rare and flattering prints. Need I say more? Let’s not miss the fact that this is total vintage vibes (we’re in love, tbh) Esther Huong is just what you need if you’re looking for the most unique pieces to take your fashion game up a notch. C’mon, let’s show you our favs.

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Maja Shoulder Bag:


The undercover but insanely good shoulder bag is taking the spotlight for the trendiest bag of the season, which can only mean that there’s no better time to invest in a new one. The Maja Shoulder Bag makes it a great place to start and is a top contender for one of the most popular and flattering bags ever. Lightweight, small and super chic, it definitely is a staple accessory.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: very easy to style, sophisticated and can make any outfit look glamorous and expensive, you simply can’t go wrong with this shoulder bag.

Karoline Top: 

We’re all about the reflective animal print on this one. This tight-fitting Karoline Top makes for a glamorous and chic fashion moment. Black, coupled with a silvery-golden print on it makes the hues on this one complement each other perfectly and it is undoubtedly an eye-catcher. The best part? You can wear this for so many occasions. It’s originality will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: original and uniquely captivating, pair it with neutral bottoms and there you have a ‘Gram-worthy fit.

Solveig Shoulder Bag:


This handwoven style screams summer and will stick with you for years because this isn’t going out of style anytime soon. The rise of the shoulder bag is an ode to the recent widespread ‘90s-vintage trend and this bag perfectly suits the vibe. With a trendy, modern twist on the handle of the bag, the ruched detail adds so much to the bag and is flawlessly incorporated into the overall design of the Solveig Shoulder Bag.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the ruched handle is an interesting and modern twist to a vintage style, zipper closure ensures safety of your belongings (you won’t lose your precious lipstick anytime soon), fits more while occupying less space and is of lighter weight.

Maya Top:

Talk about some serious Britney vibes! The Maya Top is a one-shoulder asymmetrical top and comes in a few rare, stand-out pattern options. The tops are made of a strong, stretchable material, giving you the most flattering fit to your body. The designs of this top keep changing and updating as they get sold out but you’ll be sure to find some neutrals for casual outings and rare holo and other patters too.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the asymmetrical part can easily amp up any outfit, it sits nicely on your body, giving it a flattering fit, the hologram effect is seriously groovy.

Melle Tote:

Say hello to your next favourite grocery bag. The Melle Tote is the perfect fashionable way to carry your items while you’re on trips or just a regular grocery run. It comes in a variety of material types and patterns, so you can switch up your bags to correspond with your fits everyday. How cool is that?

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: the ruffles on the top of the bag and the textures on this bag make for a perfect bag to match your outfit, grocery runs, but make it fashion.

Siri Top:

The Siri tops are hands down, one of our favourites and this one is here to make a lasting mark on vibrant fashion-forward streetwear. With a unique patchwork design, the complementary colours and graphics call for a new statement fit. The prints on this one will have your Pinterest boards will be screaming. It’s vintage meets modern at it’s best, get ready to be an official trendsetter. *heart eyes* 

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: coming-of-age vintage with a modern twist, complementary patchwork colours, coupled with an unconventional inside-out stitch tying it all together.

Magna Crossbody:


A note-worthy lesson if you’re looking for some hands free bags because Esther Huong’s got just what you need to walk around conveniently but at your peak vintage style. The sleek, chic look of the Magna Crossbody will give you the high-fashion look, you might just have found your new favourite bag! This is definitely those chic finds that are cheaper in price but look so damn expensive. Very boujee.

The Teen Edit Favourite Points: an affordable staple to elevate any fit, looks five times the price, don’t sleep on these! 

Reworked Pieces Of Your Vintage Dreams 


The reworked pieces from Esther Huong is what your vintage dreams are made of. Instead of sending you on a chase to find affordable, fashion-forward, ‘90s-but-in-touch-with-contemporary-pieces to uncover the best brands, we’ve brought Esther Huong, the web store with everything you need to be decked up in high-end fashion without breaking the bank. Summer is slowly trickling in and there’s no time like this to purchase vintage pieces at their finest. You might not want to spend a tonne of money on buying a brand new LV shoulder bag and spend hours deep-diving into the vintage realm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own the coolest pieces.

The Story Behind Being Limited Edition: Esther Huong Loves The Earth (& So Should You)


Esther Huong is an accurate embodiment of what a sustainable brand is. Every item from Esther Huong is designed and sewn with recycled and residual material, thus resulting in a very limited edition. So you can be sure to find the rarest pieces on the website, some that possibly nobody around you will be wearing and because  the production is undertaken at very limited quantities, be sure to grab your favs before they get sold out! (which is often right after the site goes live, we know you love the chase, so we’re hooking you up with the best brands)

Stay On The Radar: Keep Up With Esther Huong


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