Easy Makeup Ideas For When You’re In A Hurry

Everyone has those days when they wake up and they have half an hour to take a bath, get ready, eat breakfast and head out. On a regular basis, most of those steps take a long while to get done with, but when you’re in a hurry to reach somewhere, time just seems to go by quicker than usual. For all of you who struggle with those kind of days, this list of quick makeup looks with very few products is perfect for you. They all get done in 10 minutes or less, and really elevate your whole look.

Before we get started, just know that makeup is all a personal choice. You could easily do all of these looks with dollar store makeup, with your favourite branded makeup or just go without makeup! Also, you are beautiful the way you look, nothing matters, as long as you’re beautiful inside.



This winner combination can instantly make you look more awake and fresh. You can also go for a lip tint and top it off with some extra pops of colour with a juicy lipgloss. Lipgloss makes your lips look very hydrated and much plumper, they literally enhance your whole fit, even if your outfit is very basic or casual. Not to mention, it will take you less than 3 minutes so it is a great way to get an extremely natural look done in no time.



If you have no time, but still want to look glam, this gorgeous eye look is your answer. If you’re confidant with your eyeliner skills, you can get this look done in a short period of time. Just apply your favourite bright colour to the inner corner of your eye, and finish off with a nice winged eyeliner. Mascara, brow gel, lipstick and highlighter are totally optional but adding one or more of them can definitely elevate your look.



Blush, highlighter and lipgloss or lipstick is a winner combination, plus it gives an extremely dewey look, with an elegant finish. Apply a little blush to your cheeks, and with a stick highlighter (or a powder highlighter), apply it to your cheeks, the tip of your nose, a little under your brows, at the outer edge, and above your lips. Top off the look with your favourite lip shade and add some mascara to complete the entire look.



You don’t have to be a pro at eyeshadow, you can do a simple eyeshadow look, coupled with eyeliner and mascara. For an everyday look, you can use shades that correspond to your skin tone or if you’re feeling it, then you can totally use pops of colour. Add mascara to increase the vibrancy and you can put on some nudish lip colour just to add a little depth, it’s totally optional though.



With a simple blush, mascara and a beautiful lipstick, you can look way more awake and fresh. Blush really adds colour to your cheek, lipstick really adds vibrancy to your lips and mascara adds a tonne of volume to your lashes. This is a winner combination for the days when you literally have to get ready in your car. It gets done in very quick too.



Only lipgloss is a look! Put on your glossiest lipgloss and you’ll be ready to go. You can totally do this with lipstick only or you can put a base of a lipstick shade and top it off with transparent or lightly coloured gloss for an extra pop of colour. Very simple, gets done in thirty seconds and can elevate your look more than you think it could.

Overall, all of these looks only use the following products: mascara, lipgloss, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, eyeliner. Very basic items but they are makeup staples. Also remember, always wear sunscreen, irrespective of wether you’re wearing makeup or not.