How You Can Build Up Your Wardrobe

On many days, a lot of us are very confused about what we can wear for casual outings. On those days, we just think to ourselves, ‘why don’t I have a better wardrobe?’, and that’s a very relatable thing for many people. Plus, when we go out to shop, we love the party/outerwear clothes so much, that we forget what we were shopping for and end up buying things you can hardly wear on a daily basis. To help you build up your wardrobe for casual outings, just use this guide and you’ll be set for days! These are just some of the basics which can be styled with many items.



Mom jeans are a staple in everyone’s closet. Black or blue mom jeans can be styled with practically any top. From tank tops, with Converse or oversized tees with combat boots, they work really well with anything. They are easily available at most clothing stores and thrifting is a cheaper option if you’re looking for one, but thrifted pairs are great too.



Coloured vests are easily available for very affordable prices, even on Amazon and different brands have a variety of colours, prints, neck designs, cropped length and there is something for everyone. These too, work with leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts and can be totally customised according to everyone’s taste and style. Bomber jackets, cute accessories, whatever your vibe is, coloured vests are the easiest to match them to.



Use denim, leather or any material oversized jackets go with anything! If you were a dress, a top and jeans or sweatpants and a crop top, oversized jackets can be very flattering and elevate your outfit. It’s an extremely versatile item to own and you can just shrug it on if you want to make your outfit lightly more fancy. Goes with every look. Plus, if you thrift it, you can get it at much cheaper than retail prices and find some amazing prints.



Just like all the other items on this list, combat boots are an amazing shoe to invest your money in because if you purchase good quality boots, they’re most likely to be durable for a very long period of time, look stunning with all outfits and are a great staple to own. These shoes come in a variety of designs and colours, and there are designs for everyone.

All of these items are great things to own if you go out or casual trips to the grocery stores or brunch, just hanging out with your friends or just want a cute Instagram picture. A lot of these items are available for great prices at thrift stores, but can be found at ASOS, Pull&Bear, Adika and many others. Nobody said casual outings can’t look cute.