Here’s How You Can Get Over Your Crush

There’s just something about the feeling of having a crush. Those nerves you get when they walk by and how you try to ‘act natural’ every time but you end up having the biggest smile on your face, your cheeks go red and you can’t stop looking at them. Having a crush, shooting your shot and that going well can turn into a long lasting relationship but it could easily veer the other way.

They could already be in a relationship, you could be getting distracted from things that are of higher priority like school or something you need to keep your focus on or you simply don’t want to spend your time trying to be with somebody that doesn’t care about you or doesn’t even know you. It’s not a stretch to say that being attached to a person who doesn’t even talk to you can affect you negatively and you could ruin many fun moments that you would have had otherwise with your friends and family. 

Sometimes, cutting off from them is simply the most beneficial option for you. While it might seem hard at first, when you take a step back and your over your crush, you’ll realise that your decision was the best way to go. You can then finally spend your nights taking care of yourself instead of stalking their no-post Instagram account.

The Negative Effects On You

If you’re starting to get super into your crush and you spend days just thinking about them and only them, that’s when you know you have it bad. Think about how they’re negatively affecting you. Do they make you feel like ??!!?! all the time? That’s definitely not it. Not only are they taking an emotional toll on you, they’re also taking away so much of your time. 

The time you spend thinking about them, stalking them and looking for ways to shoot your shot could instead be used as time for yourself. Everyone who’s had a crush knows that they will always distract you from important things in your life, which includes your grades and extra curricular activities, especially if they mess around with you or ghost you. You cannot fully blame it on them, but once you start investing your time for the better, you’ll gain an understanding of the amount of time you wasted on them.

Plus, if they’re somebody that literally does not care about your mental health, they’ll end up making it worse by taking advantage of you and you’ll take a lot longer to recover. If they’re messing with you and your emotions, know when to draw your boundaries because that ain’t good for you. 

Distance Yourself 

You know when you text your crush and you check your phone every two minutes to see if they’ve replied even though your phone isn’t on silent? That’s what you need to stop doing. Even if you see them at school or elsewhere often, that doesn’t mean you need to try everything in you capability at home to get them to notice you. You’ll notice a difference when you turn off their post notifications, unfollow them and stop looking up tips on how to shoot your shot. Don’t always try to think of what you can text them to get them to reply to you. Try to avoid conversations with your friends about them. When you successfully distance yourself, you won’t feel as close to them as you would earlier, which will help you get over that maddening crush you have on them.

Keep Yourself Occupied

If you’ve ever thought of taking up a hobby or something that you’re very passionate about, now would be the time to do it! Invest your time and mind into your hobbies, passions and academics. Plan trips and dates with your friends, because believe us, it’ll be so much more fun, plus the time spent with friends and family will take your mind off of anything else. You too, will notice a change in yourself, you’ll be happier, more productive and will be acing your tests and everything else! 

Treat Yourself

On days like Valentines Day, Christmas and other occasions, it seems like everyone around you is getting the most thoughtful gifts from their significant other or getting asked out by their dream boy, but you. If you start to feel extra single on this day, be the independent boss that you are and buy yourself flowers, hoodies, face masks and chocolates. Treat yourself to the gift of your choice because why take it from somebody else when you can literally get it for yourself! 

Be Strong (You Already Are) 

You can feel a little lonely on days when you have to hang out with your friends and the people they’re dating because let’s be real, it’s not the best feeling to have people around you who are always holding hands and doing cute relationship things. And the fact that feelings have a mind of their own doesn’t help a bit. But get this: you don’t need anybody to depend on for your own happiness. Never forget that you’re strong and you can’t get through this just like you do with everything else. And when you’ve gotten over them, you’ll feel independent and confident in yourself.