This Self Care Routine Is Everything You Need Right Now & More

Every once in a while, it’s very important to switch gears from your workaholic mode to a self-care mode (let’s just pretend that we’ve been productive during these past few months). Anyway, it’s super important to take complete break days and detach yourself from everything that keeps your mind so occupied (and yes, you’ve gotta get off that Instagram account you’ve been stalking lately). 

Lucky for you, The Teen Edit has curated *the* self-care routine for you. By this we mean it’s so addictive and relaxing that you’ll want to do this everyday. If you’re always hustling, try and take out at least one day in a month just to yourself because you deserve it.

Not only does this take your mind off of things that are potentially exhausting, it also refreshes you and makes you more productive in the days to come. There’s no better feeling than being ready to take on the next few weeks head-on. You can always add or delete any steps in this self care routine, because you do you!

Get Comfy


First things first! Before you start off your self care routine day, you must change into clothes you feel good in and we mean it. Being in clothes you feel comfortable and confident in is such a mood booster; you don’t even realise it. For me, sitting in a hoodie and sweats is the way to go but you do you! You could opt for a cute tie-dyed set or a silky comfy pair of shorts or a tank, whatever is your jam, go for it!

Your Phone’s Gotta Be Out Of Sight

Out of sight, out of mind. Get that phone away from yourself! As much as you want to scroll through those TikToks or the new posts on that weirdly addictive meme page, now is not the time for it. Put your phone in a place that isn’t easily accessible, you could even put it in an empty cereal box and tape it up. For the best experience, put it on silent too. Trust, it’ll be much easier for you to have an enjoyable day without your notifs.

Get Some Sun In


Let that sunlight give you a good dose of some Vitamin D in the morning. Enjoy the feeling of the warmth of the sun on your skin. Going out while the Sun is shining bright not only helps with really good lighting for some photos for the ‘Gram, you’ll realise what a mood-booster being out and about in bright sunlight is.

Run The Coziest Bath


Yes, we mean get as extra with it as you’d like. After all this is a day to reward your hardwork. Nothing screams self care more than a lather-filled bath with your favourite scents around you. You could add fragrant candles, fancy bath bombs, relaxing essential oils, an exfoliating scrub or a lip mask, absolutely anything you want to. Bonus points if you have a glass of sparkling water in a wine glass right next to you and don’t have any gadgets in sight. As much as we’d like to recommend you to shut your eyes and not think about anything, we know it’s not the easiest thing to do. If you keep getting distracted, we recommend you grab your favourite mag or book and flip through some pages. 

Get It Out

While reflecting is a very good habit, a lot of us are unable to stick with it in the long term because ‘it takes time’. Guess what? It takes just five minutes. If you’re able to get into the habit of doing it on a daily basis, good for you! If you’re unable to do so: this one’s for you. On your self-care routine day, start off by reflecting on how you’ve been for the past month.

Think about your behaviour and actions and how you can bring about a positive change in yourself. Also reflect on the toxic things and people that have been holding you back from being the happiest version of yourself. Yes, your mind might wander to that person you’ve been stalking on Insta lately (and that’s totally normal) but we advise you to take your mind off of them for just thirty minutes. Personally, my favourite way to do it is by journaling but you can meditate too (we know you’ve been putting that off for months now). 

Pamper Your Skin


You might not even realise it but let me remind you that you haven’t exfoliated your skin in months (neither have I but *someday* we’ll get there). Your skin does a s*it tonne for you and you don’t even realise; it’s time you give it some love. Set up a once in a month Skincare routine that you’ll do singularly on your self care day and commit to it (at least try to). You could include everything from luxury skincare to face masks and everything in between. Now is also the perfect time to try that new product you’ve been eyeing and as seasons change, we’d recommend tweaking bits and parts of your routine too. 

Specifically we’d recommend you to proceed with this sequence: a refreshing facial cleanser, exfoliate or put on a mask and get rid off those inner impurities, tone it up, get that glow in with a serum, oil cleanse for an extra glow and moisturise for the most supple, healthy skin you’ll have.

Do Something That Makes You Happy


Whether this means shouting the lyrics to your favourite T Swift song in your bedroom or going on a drive with that vibey playlist, take out some time to do something that makes your soul happy. It could be a hobby that you’ve been loving lately or just listening to your newest Spotify playlist. You could even get some sweat in with a feel-good workout (because who ever said endorphins were a bad thing) or bake those cookie recipes that you got off of TikTok. You could do anything; from going to the beach just to listen to the sound of ocean waves to saving some new pins to your aesthetic Pinterest account and everything in between.

Bring In The Movies

It’s good to reduce your screen time on this day to a bare minimum but we’ll make an exception for movies, cause it’s a Netflix and chill kinda day. Personally, my favourite time to watch movies is at night but that’s totally your choice. If you’re indecisive and very well know that you’ll spend an endless amount of time scrolling through your plethora of choices, it’s best to pick out your movie(s) a day before. Limit yourself to not more than two because you don’t want to get your head aching from that excessive screen time. Also, the more chill and funny movie, the better.

And it isn’t a movie night without your fav snacks. Rummage through your cupboards or buy/prep your snacks beforehand. You can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you’d like it because this day is all about you. Pro tip: Caramel popcorn and coke never disappoint. While it’s not the healthiest option, you can make an exception every once in a while!