Make Your Statement With These Epic AF1s: Majorwavez by Ruben Barraza

You’ve most probably seen or at least heard of the viral shoe, Air Force 1s by Nike and if you have a shoe fetish, there’s no question, you’ve probably already bought them and worn them out. If you could use a cool pair of sneakers right now, I have very good news for you that involves a fusion of white platforms and street style approved design.

Air Force 1s became famous during late 2019 for their clean, sleek look and versatility to pair them with literally any outfit and were worn widely during 2020. You need to upgrade your AF1s because let’s be honest, they’re probably worn out and plain white platforms are so last year. Au revoir, boring shoes.

Looking to stay on trend this season? Look no further: Majorwavez is your answer. Founded by Ruben Barraza, Majorwavez is a Los Angeles – Bay Area based shoe designing brand that upgrades your basic Air Force 1s with designs that immediately takes the look of basic white platforms to a whole other level. Not only that, they offer some graphic tees that elevate your whole ‘casual outfit’ statement. The innovative and unique design work will make you feel the coolest ever. *Heart eyes*

Your Options Are Endless

Shop the Travis Scotttt Air Force 1s

Majorwavez designs range from your favourite Anime characters to flawless portraits of influential people such as Lil Uzi Vert, Juice Wrld and Post Malone; there is something for everyone, you can see for yourself! Their wide range of styles opens up a whole new world of options. 

Life is too short to wear basic shoes, so having them in your wardrobe is necessary. Created by Ruben Barraza, Majorwavez is taking over the sneakerhead world. With over 290K followers on Instagram as of publication, it’s clear that the future of shoe fashion lies here. For those who have seen the product in it’s peripheral but have not tried them for yourself, there’s a reason for so much hype surrounding it. With many five-star reviews and counting, they look and feel cool.

Detail On Fleek

Shop the Renaissance Air Force 1s

Majorwavez creates shoes with intricate and impressive designs, each one carefully crafted, which means you get just what you buy online (we understand the struggle with sketchy online stores). Created with high quality and durable fabric and paints, you’ll find yourself wearing these all the time. The designs are flawlessly incorporated into the overall conceptual design of the shoe, making it original and iconic. What better combo could you ask for? 

The details on the shoes are absolutely on fleek. Majorwavez offers a wide range of details that make a statement. Especially the ones featuring artists and characters on them are created with the ultimate precision for a sharp and defined look. Every shoe on Majorwavez is bold, unique and beautiful. My personal favourite is the Angel Chain Laces Air Force 1s, just because they are such a fashionable pair and really make me feel like I’m making a fashion statement. There’s obviously a reason why everyone adores them so much.

Pair Them With Any Outfit

Shop the Matte Pastel Air Force 1s

Elevate your outfit game by getting yourself vintage Air Force 1’s. The online store is home to an abundance of patterns and designs, you’ll be sure to find something that complements your wardrobe and aesthetic. Every pair of shoes is bold and innovative and exemplifies an aesthetic appeal. 

The plain, original Air Force 1s can be paired with literally any outfit. These shoes can be too, except they take your outfit to a whole other level. You’ll find neutrals for everyday wear, graphics to elevate your casual outfit, pastels for dates and all types of designs for every outfit type.

It’s The Modern Trendsetter’s Dream

Shop the ‘Angel Chain Laces’ Air Force 1s

Everyday, there’s a new surge of fashion styles across social platforms and it’s hard to keep up. Ever wondered what it was like to own your style? With shoes from Majorwavez, you’ll be owning the coolest shoes in town, officially making you the trendsetter. Become a part of the streetwear revolution because these perfectly suit the vibe.

Majorwavez is the definition of off-duty model, street style shoes. In simple words, it’s the modern trendsetter’s dream. Channel your inner confident self with shoes from Majorwavez. Stay confident, stay modern, stay trendy, all while keeping your style in check.

Make Them Your Own

Shop the Matte Plum Tone Air Force 1s

If you stay in or anywhere near Los Angeles-Bay Area, you’re in luck because Majorwavez has started hosting shoe designing classes. This means that you’ll officially have the opportunity to creatively customise and create your own pair of shoes, how cool is that?

You’ll get the opportunity to design your own shoes. Sounds too good to be true, right? But it is really good and it is true! From Lil Mosey to the creators of Not A Content House; they’ve all visited the location and some have even designed their own shoes. You can create your own design, learn to paint and sew on your shoes, add reflective stickers and stones all while having fun and learning from the shoe-designing experts: the Majorwavez team.

Select Your Style, Add To Cart

Shop the Made With Love Air Force 1s

Simply select your favourite style(s) from the array of shoes that Majorwavez has to offer, select your size and you’ll have then bought yourself a pair of shoes that is like no other. You might take a while to narrow down your options because there are so many designs that you will be in awe of. With thousands of amazing reviews, you’re going to be in love with your new pair.

Shop on the online Majorwavez store here.

Fashion doesn’t have any rules, and we, by no means ever believed it had any. But let’s be honest: we’ve all had moments where we could use some style inspiration, whether it was from Pinterest that floods your feed with the best outfits or just being a simple person and using Bella Hadid as your style inspo. Either way, we all have outfit crisis moments, so below, we’ve made a list of our favourite shoes from Majorwavez, along with what outfit we think would best go with it: (Fit check!)

Angel Chain Laces: 

Option 1: White Corset Top (or a White Bardot Top) tucked into Brown Leather Pants, Brown-Framed Rectangular Sunglasses, Brown Baguette Bag, Gold Hoops, Gold Wrist Watch

Option 2: White Ribbed Crop Top, Brown (with Beige/Black) Plaid Skirt, White Socks, Golden Anklet, Golden Layered Necklaces 

Matte Pastel:

Option 1: Basic White Puff Long-Sleeved Top, Blue Light-Washed Mom Jeans/ Boyfriend Jeans

Option 2: Pastel Yellow, Pink, Purple, Blue or Ming Green Top (Tank or Long Sleeved), White Flare Jeans

Stay On The Radar

Shop the 3M Lightening Air Force 1s

Keep up with this must-have shoe brand by following Majorwavez’ social media pages for news on latest drops, exclusive giveaways, shoes designing classes and for videos of some beautifully crafted shoes. With over 290K followers on Instagram as of publication, including follows from social media megastars like Charli D’amelio and Avani Gregg, Majorwavez is growing and it’s clear that the future of cool shoes lies here. Follow Majorwavez on Instagram here.

This publication is a collaboration: Majorwavez x The Teen Edit