8 Feel-Good Things To Do On A Bad Day

We all have bad days, they’re a part of a good life. But occasionally, it just feels extremely tedious to get out of that negative zone and do something that your future self will thank you for. Your reaction to every situation is what can be kind of, in some ways, life-changing. Having a positive outlook is important as ever, especially if you’re going through something in your personal life or feeling bad about yourself.

Especially during the lockdown, it became easy to slip into a feel-bad mode, where everything felt like it was falling apart and you put yourself at the centre of it. We know how all of that feels and we’ve been there. If you’re having a bad day today, you’ve come to the right place. Just know that time heals everything and you’ll be your happiest and healthiest self before you know it! To help you achieve that ultimate state of happiness, The Teen Edit has rounded up 8 feel-good things to do on a bad day.

Watch A Comfort Movie, TV Show Or Your Favourite YouTuber

Binging your comfort movie (could be for literally, the 100th time), a few episodes of your favourite TV Show or a couple of entertaining videos on YouTube can be a huge mood changer. Those who’ve done it know that there’s no more comforting feeling in the world than copying up in your bed and only being accompanied by your favourite on-screen people and snacks. It genuinely brings in so much serotonin, that you can get back on track, feeling better than ever.

Make Or Order Your Favourite Food

The feeling of eating warm cookies or brownies is like being wrapped in a huge embrace and that’s the best you can do while corona decides to stay. So, go ahead and bake that fudgy brookie recipe you’ve been eyeing, or simply order the plate of sushi you’ve been craving for forever because after all you’re putting yourself through, there’s no doubt that you deserve this treat. Not to mention, food is fuel, so after eating your favourite food, you’ll be feeling charged and ready to take life’s challenges, head on, as you should!

Throw Yourself A Little Dance Party

It’s time to turn off the lights and bring the dance moves in. The best part? You get to be the host. Put on some upbeat music, whether that be your favourite One Direction throwback album or the most recent TikTok-inspired songs and while we’re on that, why not try to ramp it up a notch and learn some TikTok dances? They’re easy to learn and the feeling of getting them right is so satisfying. You’ll totally forget all your problems existed for a moment and spend some quality time with yourself too.

Run A Hot, Relaxing Shower

Hot showers are literally the most comforting thing. You could ramp it up by preparing a fancy bath for yourself and taking complete care of your body: you can shampoo your hair, put on some luxurious shave leather and get that silky smooth skin, moisturise, do face masks in the tub. You could pick up your favourite book, magazine or simply put on some relaxing music, and you can do this all while calming your mind and getting rid off those negative thoughts. It’s one of the most quick and efficient ways to make yourself feel good.

Listen To Your Favourite Music

A lot of us have been wrapped up in comfy cardigans, streaming Ms Swift’s recent masterpieces. People who are always listening to music know that it really helps to take your mind off of what is consuming your thoughts. The feeling of listening to your favourite artist creating music about situations you relate to is actually like no other. So, plug in those earphones or connect a device to your speaker, cozy up in bed and silently listen and remind yourself that things will be all good before you know it.

Journal About What You’re Grateful For

You may feel like you’ve been put into the worst-of-the-worst situations, but there are still many things to be grateful for. Open a random page of a random book, take a pen and when you’re ready, just start writing about everything you’re grateful for. At the end, you’ll realise that there’s a lot of things you have that others aren’t fortunate enough to get. This induces feelings of thankfulness and love and you’ll also feel empowered to take on all of life’s hurdles.

Let The Endorphins Kick In

Let’s be real, exercise isn’t everybody’s favourite thing to do (that’s why we gave you 7 other options to choose from) but the post-workout feeling can be pretty satisfying. If you’re feeling it, do some feel-good workouts of your choice. It could be anything, from a sweaty cardio to a relaxing yoga session, both very beneficial in their own ways. Also, taking a run or just a walk can give you a breath of fresh air. You’ll be feeling strong, confident and ready to go kill the day and also, the after-workout endorphins will have you in a happy mood and positive mind space.

Do Something That Makes You Happy

‘Something that makes you happy’ covers a broad spectrum of things to do, so we’re leaving this one upto you because it’s different for everybody. If your house is beach-side, you could change into a suit and take a quick dip in the ocean. If you’ve got a bicycle, you could cycle for a few miles. You can learn a new recipe if you enjoy cooking or splurge on some new goodies for yourself (the serotonin you get from shopping is real), it all lies in finding what really works for you as an individual.