Female Fashion Icons You Need To Draw Inspiration From

Fashion has no rules and anybody with an interesting outfit never played by them. Fashion icons are people who put on and pull off the most interesting outfits and are able to put together pieces that most people would never even think of buying. Before we get into it, we need you to understand that fashion is all about developing your own style and you’ll look the best when you feel the best: stylish and confident.

The Teen Edit picked out 5 fashion icons with impeccable style that set new standards for all of our closets everyday. Literally, when you’ll look at these fashion icons’ outfits, you’ll want to buy everything they own, even if it’s not your style. So brace yourself, because we’re taking a look at some of the most iconic people whom you need to draw inspiration from. *emphasis on need*

Devon Lee Carson

You might have already seen this one coming. Deemed as one of the biggest fashion icons of our era, Devon Lee Carson is the ruling queen when it comes to outfits. She manages to make everything look good somehow, which quickly earned her the title of a fashion icon. From a long sleeved cropped sweater tucked into a white unbuttoned shirt with black pants to unconventional pink dresses, you’ll find her putting on the most bizarre and intriguing fits all the time. Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself scrolling through her Instagram feed for hours on end, admiring her sense of fashion, because it’s quite literally, addictive.

Emma Chamberlain

The reigning queen of vintage looks prevails. Emma is always styling herself with the most unique thrift finds. She oftentimes also paints her clothes and shoes so it’s literally one of a kind. Her vintage looks are the most impressive and she somehow manages to pull off everything she puts on. Plus her taste in sunglasses is literal perfection, the next time you step into a store, you’re definitely going to find yourself looking for, if not purchasing sunglasses like the ones Emma wears. If you’re looking to evolve your sense of style, Emma’s got you, with her 21 outfits for 2021 video. 

Bella Hadid

It’s finally time to channel your off-duty model confidence. Bella Hadid is simply deemed as a fashion icon and with good reason. If you want to ramp up your outfits and dial your style up a notch, look no further when Bella Hadid is right in front of you. Looking to style yellow pants or a brown leather jacket? You’ll always find inspiration from Bella. If you’re feeling confident and ready for a change, why not try out some low-waist trousers, Bella-style? And even on days when you just want to put on a pair of torn-jeans, she’ll show you how you can get your street style right. Plus, we already know she invents all the style trends. Case in point: orange highlights.

Madison Beer

With her impeccable sense of street-style fashion, Madison is always putting on a show, whether it be on the stage or on the streets. Her style mainly revolves around creating a fusion of one really funky piece and other basic pieces, so it’s something that everyone can incorporate into their personal styles. She’s also got some really easy-to-replicate outfits on her ‘gram, so when you’re in an outfit crisis situation, you can easily try to replicate one of hers.

Ashley aka bestdressed 

There’s a reason to why she’s given herself the title of ~bestdressed~. You’ll find the most uniquely styled pieces on her Instagram feed and if you’re looking to give your wardrobe some sort of makeover, you’re in luck because she also has a YouTube channel on which she posts a tonne of fashion videos. You’ll find her styling the most bizarre pieces, but still managing to make it look elegant. She’ll also give you some major fashion icon vibes and in her *virtual* company, you’ll automatically see your style evolve.