Beauty Products To Add To Your Cart If You’re Just Starting Out

When you’re beginning with your beauty/makeup journey, we’ve all had those moments where we walk into cosmetics stores and are just so lost looking at the array of beauty products around us. Neither do you wanna ask the intimidating-looking employee nor do you wanna walk out of the store empty handed because that would just be plain embarrassing. To avoid such situations, you might want to plan beforehand; even if you’re experienced because we tend to get carried away by all those lipstick shades waiting to be picked up (everything looks 10x more tempting at the store). 

The Teen Edit has whipped up a list of essentials you need if you want to get into makeup. While all these products are part of most people’s everyday full-face-of-makeup routines, if you’re just starting out, you could try a couple of these products. However, don’t put on a bunch of different products on your first day because that could severely irritate your skin. 

The products have been ranked from what you should start off with at the absolute beginning of your makeup journey (Cut To The Basics), then goes on to products that most people include in their routines (Full Face Of Makeup Daily Routine) and lastly, products you can add when you know what you’re doing (Enhance & Elevate: Additions For Occasions).

Cut To The Basics:


Mascara: Half the people that wear makeup swear by mascara and some don’t even hesitate to admit that mascara is the one thing that they would not step out of the house with. There’s definitely a reason for that. Not only does it make your lashes look more voluminous, but it also makes you look more awake (which we must admit, can come in handy in many situations).

Lip Products: The other half of the people that wear makeup never step out of the house without something on their lips, even if it’s just clear gloss. Lip products elevate your whole look, especially if they have a tint on them. While I personally wear matte on more formal days and gloss for casual outings, it’s totally a matter of preference. 

Highlighter: The purpose of highlighter is to, well, highlight. It comes in various forms: powder, stick and liquid. While the liquid and stick highlighter is more handy and easy to use, powder works perfectly great too! When applied to the upper corners of your cheek, below your eyebrow, at the top of your nose and above your lip, you’ll look like snatched and glowing and your entire face will look lifted (we suggest getting those pictures for the Gram). Golden hour everyday, baby. 

Blush: To add a little colour to your morning face, blush is the perfect addition. You might want to try a couple different shades and settle for one that best compliments your skin tone. Plus, it’s not even hard to apply blush; just be light handed and use a thick brush. It’s also recommended to apply it to the upper part of your cheeks: start from the center and go upwards for a snatched look.

Full Face Of Makeup Daily Routine 


Foundation + Concealer: The two basics for a good base. Foundation really helps keep your makeup in place all day and concealer aids in hiding acne scars or those under eye bags. While these two are not absolutely essential for everyday use, you can wear them on days when you feel like it. If you want something that’s moisturising and feels like a concealer, your best bet would be to go for a tinted moisturiser; they’re basically regular moisturisers in shades of skin.

Eyeliner: If you’re just starting out, this might take a while to perfect, but it’s totally doable, just practice a little. Eyeliner is a super fun thing to play around with; you can do a regular eyeliner, winged eyeliner, in the outer corner, with coloured eyeliner and a lot of gorgeous looks can come out of experimenting. 

Eyebrow Gel: To make sure your eyebrows aren’t all over the place throughout the day, eyebrow gel is the easiest way to keep them in place. A lot of people use clear mascara and using a glycerin soap with a spare mascara brush as eyebrow gel is also super common! 

Enhance & Elevate: Additions For Occasions


Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow is one of the most fun parts about doing makeup. If you are doing an everyday makeup look, it’s best to start with neutrals so that even if you mess up, it won’t be too prominent. When you start getting comfortable in it, unleash your imagination and go for those bold colours. You never know what you could create!

Contour: Contour is widely used in the nose and cheek area for a more defined and lifted look but applying it is your choice. If you’re looking for a lifted, snatched makeup look, apply contour to the outer edges of your nose and below it and upwards, from the middle of your cheeks to the forehead.