If You Hate All Your Outfits, Read This

Something that has been trending a lot lately is dressing ‘cool’. Wait, what does that mean though? Well, dressing cool is extremely objective, and almost everyone’s definition of that is bound to be different. However, if you don’t like your clothes, your outfits, the way you dress, the way you buy your outfits, or maximise your outfits or simply just want to elevate your style to a whole new level, you’re in the right place.

Through effective methods of styling your outfits, navigate the interesting world of fashion, all while finding your favourite style. Literally, picking out your outfits for school or any outing will become such a fun process, and you’ll absolutely be obsessed with your fits. The process of finding your style is so fun and something you’ll definitely enjoy. To determine if a style is particularly for you, always focus on how you feel in it! If you put on an outfit that makes you feel super confident and sexy, you already know that’s the way to go.

Find Inspiration On The Internet

This one’s the most obvious, but such an important step. You could browse through Pinterest or Instagram, whatever you enjoy scrolling through and save them to a folder on your phone that is easily accessible, something you can easily go back to. Something that might come in handy is following fashion creators’ on Instagram, because if you like one outfit created by them, you’re likely to have fun exploring other outfits as well. It’s all about building off of that base and discovering new style types, that could possibly be the one you like the most.

What Stands Out Most To You

To put this simple and straight: you’ve gotta find pieces that really stand out to you and narrow down the type and direction of style that that choice leans towards. You could possibly prefer gold jewellery to silver jewellery, or adding some form of a funky pop of colour to your basic outfits; small details like that can really help you find your signature style, especially when you’re confused about what to buy.

Asking Yourself A Few Questions: Finding Your Style Personality

In regards to really giving your fashion sense a personality, it’s super important to find items of clothing that really appeal to you. Identifying a particular colour scheme or palette that stands out to you is so important, so try figuring out what colours pop out on your skin tone and undertones. Pay attention to when people say ‘this colour looks good on you’ or ‘this colour is your colour’. Ask yourself if you feel more confident in monochromatic looks or crazy funky colours. This will help you figure out what colours most suit and appeal to you.

If the majority of the pieces you own are graphic t-shirts and baggy jeans, you already know you lean more towards streetwear fashion. It’s all about giving personality to your outfits. If you lean more towards a baggy-loose type of vibe, you can switch up your sweat for wide jeans. On the other hand, if you’re into minimalistic outfits, you could go for ruched blouses instead of basic tops. 

Additionally, you can delve into the depths of your outfit on a whole by understanding if you prefer wearing a basic outfit and accessorising it heavily, or wearing a colourful, sexy outfit with minimal accessories. Based on your preferences, you could opt for purchasing more basic outfits and chunky accessories, or work on building your clothes by itself.

Maximizing Your Wardrobe & What You Already Own

Do you ever feel like you’ve got too many clothes in your wardrobe just lying without use? Or that you have ‘nothing to wear’? Yes same, until recently. Maximising your wardrobe involves making some serious conscious choices when you’re purchasing new items of clothing. Firstly, it is incredibly important to have a good understanding of your style, so you can find basics and staples that work with practically every outfit, either to layer or be worn by themself.

Secondly, think about how you could layer bras, tops and jackets to add a whole new tonne of dimension to your fits. This involves taking into consideration what you already own, and how you could elevate it to make a simple piece of clothing into something totally new. And if you’re seriously never going to wear something again, donate it, sell it or give it to someone you know! Keep the cycle of incredible fashion ongoing within your community.

Let’s be honest: both in-stores and online, the number of impulse purchases we make is too many to be true, however it is. A super important step to reduce your consumption of unnecessary pieces is to go slow with trends. Something that all of us could agree on is with the rise of the fashion realm within social media, there are surges of trends that come-and-go and never see the light of day again. Which means, if you purchased an item purely because it’s ‘trendy’, you’re accumulating a lot of unnecessary items. 

Again, for this, you’re going to lean back on what your style is more like. If you purely prefer streetwear, it’s most probably going to be wasteful if you purchase a floral dress. When shopping, make strong decisions about the price of a product, how versatile it really serves to be and if you can make repeated use of it in the future. And seriously! If you wear a really cute outfit, or buy a really cute piece, do not ever think that you can’t wear it again. Fashion is all about expression and that’s what it’s meant to be. Have fun with your clothing and at the end of the day, it’s all about wearing items that you feel the most confident in!