Maddie Ziegler Is The Beauty Inspiration We All Need

If you’ve scrolled through Maddie Ziegler’s Instagram feed, you know she loves to experiment with makeup and beauty looks all the time. Besides that, her makeup artist, Tonya Brewer loves to try unique looks on Maddie too. Maddie’s background in professional dancing from a young age has led her to fall in love with makeup. The 18 year-old dancer and actress also recently launched her own collection with Morphe, which she talks about as a dream of hers since a young age.

From bold black eyeshadow to vibrant pops of colour, including yellow, blue and purple, Maddie has tried it all so we don’t have to. Tonya’s Instagram feed is a treasure box for those who love unique makeup looks. The outcomes of some of the most bold looks are the best, and here’s a list of some of the Maddie’s best makeup looks, according to us.



It’s safe to say Tonya went all out with this makeup look. This bold smokey eye look, with some artificial tattoos, nude lips and greasy hair. A perfect look for parties and even Halloween. Add some glittery eyeshadow, mascara and highlighter and you’ll have the perfect party look. This look is super edgy but attractive at the same time.



Perfected your hand at eyeliner? Try out this winged eyeliner look, with an icy blue eyeliner for something unique. Add some subtle hints of blush and nude highlighter for a refreshing and balanced look. If you’re looking for a new, simple look to try, this one is a must. You never know, you may love it so much that it becomes your ice blue fantasy and you start wearing it often.



Originally done by Tonya in honour of Pride Month, this look can be replicated if you enjoy some pops of colour with basic outfits. You can literally purchase any colour of the rainbow and play around with it, as pictured above. From single, neat strokes, to blending with different colours, the sky is the limit.



Coupling a bold matte red lip, with sleek and straight hair is a winner combination. Wear it with a white dress and heels and you’re good to go. Put on that ‘red lip classic’, with some highlighter and a light shade of blush for a subtle accompaniment on your cheeks. This sleek and stunning look is sure to turn heads.



During the 2019 Coachella Festival, Maddie and Tonya came up with this insanely attractive eye look. It may seem like neon orange eyeshadow, but it is actually eyeliner, that has been artistically given dimension to, such that it appears as a deceiving eyeshadow look. A bright orange liner in the upper and lower outer line of the eye and blending has led to this epic look.



Maddie for the Charlie’s Angels Premiere by Tonya Brewer is one of her best and most iconic looks yet. A dark, almost navy shade of blue outlining a simple black liner, at the top and bottom, with a prominent shimmer has resulted in this look. The suit and pant gives it a businesswoman vibe. Wear it with a nude shade of lipstick and nobody will mess with you again.



This subtle but sleek look with a not so subtle highlight is such an iconic look. The nude lipstick coupled with a slight glossy look just adds to the neat look and the black blazer with the little gold chain and gold hoops with a neat, slightly untidy bun is a smart move for the fit. You can easily replicate this look at home.



Originally done for the Maddie x Morphe ‘Imagination Collection’ photo shoot, this pastel look with a long ponytail is gorgeous. The look mainly consists of light blues, pink and purple, with a slight amount of white shimmer in the inner corner. Skilfully and evenly blended with a generous amount of highlighter is the key to achieving this look. Load up on the mascara for added volume and depth.



If accurately picked out, you can pull off a monochrome look too. The key is to find a shade that compliments your skin tone. Post that, find eyeshadow palettes of that shade and play around with outfits and shades, until you find a few that suit you the best. Add some blush and a lip shade that goes with that colour, or just put on some transparent lip gloss, if that’s what suits it.



Derived from the name, it’s safe to say Tonya went all out on this makeup look for Maddie and the outcome was quite unexpected. Featuring some very bright pops of colour, if you’re daring enough to wear this, it is a must try. A whole lot of orange in the inner corner and brow bone area, a blend of a small amount of pink and a lot of dark purple in the crease, blue on the waterline and the same dark purple below it is a rough sketch of this look.

All these looks can be achieved with some skill and a lot of patience. These looks are totally achievable with practice. Plus, Maddie and Tonya even have their own Snapchat show where they demonstrate some of their most famous looks and some classics too. Don’t be afraid to try these, makeup is a form of expression and art after all, so let your face be the canvas!