Six Valentine’s Day Outfits for Every Mood & Activity Featuring the Dreamiest Pieces from Adika

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and it sure does come with a lot of emotions and stressors that are different for everyone, but your outfit shouldn’t be one of them. It is definitely not an average day, the oxytocin levels are through the roof and even if you aren’t the biggest fan of V-Day, it’s still a great excuse to switch up the sweats you’ve been living in; or just elevate them! No matter your relationship status, the holidays are a great excuse to get dressed up (or down).

Whether you need a fit that’s not too dressy for a casual date night or you just want to spend quality time with yourself on a date, we’re here to show you a selection of trendy outfits for different V-Day activities, even if that means you’re going to be spending the night at home. It’s easy to fall into a winter style rut when it’s freezing outside, and it may be tempting to live in sweatshirts and hoodies, but fresh pieces can be a source of inspo, and Adika has everything you need to revamp your wardrobe. 

So if you’re planning on an intimate dinner, celebrating Galentine’s with your favorite girls or just spending the night on your couch in the comfiest sweats, Adika brings to you all of those options and more. Whatever’s on the agenda for the coming week, there’s no denying these outfits make for fantastic inspo. The best part? Every item in our V-Day selection is under $100. Too good to be true? What’s even better – these pieces are so versatile that they lend themselves for other occasions too. Buckle up, ahead are the perfect Valentine’s Day outfits for every type of hangout to shop now, featuring items from Adika that you could sport without following the bandwagon of being dressed up only in pink and red.

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Galentine’s with the Girls

Oh, now this is a vibe we can get with! A fun take on an otherwise casual outfit, the immaculate blend of the white off-shoulder corset coupled with the uniquely classic black skirt featuring a sexy spin of safety pins on it – this is how you keep your look casually chic and classy and be decked up for all the group photos with the girls. The corset was made for Galentine’s Day, and accentuates your collar bones, offering you a flattering statement piece. The black mini skirt featuring safety pins makes for a staple in your closet, be it Galentine’s, Valentine’s or a plethora of other occasions ahead. Some light silver jewellery along with chunky white boots complements the skirt and adds dimension to the outfit. It doesn’t get more G-Day ready than the combination of these soft and dark hues. Safe to say, you’re all set to indulge in the chick-flicks with your favorite females!

Celebrating the Singles

If you want to slip out of your regular greys and blacks into something equally laid back while also not giving in to the typical pink-red theme, this outfit’s the one for you. Whether you’re spending the night binging your comfort show, or you plan on ordering pizza and ice cream, you deserve to feel hot and festive and this outfit channels exactly those vibes. The fusion of the black graphic sweatshirt, bright blue sweats and maroon bucket hat brings to you the best of both worlds – comfort in style. Top it off with a pair of classic white sneakers to create the perfect fit for running around town and a number of daytime activities. This relaxed ‘off-duty model’ outfit is timeless and epic and we guarantee you’re going to be wearing this fit a lot beyond V-Day.

The Fancy Night Out

If your Valentine’s is all about celebrating it with your SO, a few drinks and a delicious dinner, you go girl! There might be many stressors like wanting everything to be perfect and we can’t guarantee everything else, but we’ve got the perfect selection of an outfit from Adika for your fancy date night and this flirty and sleek combo is an instant winner. The coolest brown faux leather dress will have you turning heads all night long. There’s nothing like a pair of beige stiletto heels that features the most incredible furry details on them. Anchor this contemporary look with a timeless pair of gold hoops and rings. Sheesh! That is one sexy outfit. 

It’s a Casual Date!

Be it brunch with your favorite females, a casual date with your significant other, or a mall visit with your mom – spending quality time is so important and as always, we have the perfect outfit for you to do that in. Skip the little black dress for a street-style serve that’s just right for every casual hangout – we’re elevating the classic denim and black long sleeve combo. The addition of the graphic jacket and cap adds so much visual intrigue and elevates the entirety of the outfit, that offsets a plain top and jeans look. Secure it with black boots, and we guarantee you’re going to be spending a lot of your time in this playful and cool outfit.

She’s a Girlboss

Nothing speaks ‘girl boss’ more than taking yourself out on a date. If you’re your date, that does not mean you should give in to a lazy pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Finesse your outfit with this unique classic red-black look. Make your statement in this dress featuring the vibrant red hue. If the night gets cold, this sleek furry black jacket number adds a chic spin to an already sexy outfit. The addition of classic black wrap-around stilettos and golden jewellery not only adds visual dimension but also seamlessly ties the outfit together. This fit is way more versatile than you think and has a long wardrobe life. 

Taking a Trip Together

It’s not a compulsion to lend yourself to Cupid colors: pink and red. This neutral outfit is proof that a monochrome outfit can be just as impactful, if not more. A minimalist vibe coupled with the perfect balance of boldness, the combination of this long-sleeve wrap around top and flared pants featuring the ring detail allow for a downright moment of coolness. The incorporation of sunglasses and layering jewellery, alongside small black heels, puts an edgy spin on wardrobe essentials. Perfect for roaming around town, this set allows you to take your trips in comfort. We’re obsessed. 

Adika possibly has the most versatile and on-trend selection of clothing that you’re going to love (emphasis on love). From laid-back loungewear to a stunning selection of the sexiest dresses, revamp your wardrobe for every possible occasion. The pulsating sassy styles tie in with the fact that Adika will keep you decked up in trendy and stylish pieces all year long, and will soon become your go-to brand.

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