Summer Fashion Essentials You Need To Own

Vaccines are being given in full swing, beaches are getting increasingly crowded by the day, ice cream and swimsuit sales are at an all time high, seems about right for… summer time? You know what that means: it’s time to splurge on your summer wardrobe. Everyone who likes a little splurge, knows there’s nothing quite like summer wardrobe revamping and shopping. 

We’ve compiled some of the hottest finds, trendy fits, straight from the runway and everything good you can think of about summer fashion. If you’ve been craving a more well-rounded wardrobe, one which features timeless pieces as well as trendy fits, best suited for summer time, you’ve come to the right place. An exciting garment that packs a punch? Take notes for the ultimate hot girl summer experience.

Criss Cross Halter Neck Top

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This criss-cross halter neck top is fashion with a twist to it, quite literally. It’s an easy top, which is basically the key to no-fuss summer dressing. Being peak trend time, you definitely won’t have a hard time finding these. The classic tank top has evolved over the years with different silhouettes and fabrications into the fashionable halter neck top that it is today, definitely making it a fun and wearable top to own for the summer. 

Denim Blue Midi Shorts

Denim shorts are the most timeless piece that you can own in a summer wardrobe. With an easy change of your top and shoes, you can easily transform this staple to suit any occasion. A summery elegant bikini top and denim shorts makes for a perfect day at the beach and a neutral coloured shirt with denim shorts for a night out.

Scrunched Sandals

The easy, summery vibe of scrunched sandals is the perfect match for summer. The vibrant colours make a perfect match for beach days, nights out, brunches and every kind of casual summer outing. The sophisticated scrunch elevates the simple sandal and makes it a chic and versatile pair to own.

Resin, Clay & Multicoloured Rings

Catch these rings on the coolest girls all around TikTok. Resin, clay and gold rings with multicoloured engravements have been spotted on the most fashionable girls and with good reason. Not only do they add bright pops of colour, but they also elevate your whole outfit and are a must-have accessory to own this summer. Super versatile and very easy to style, they make for a statement jewellery piece that is timeless too.

Vintage Sunglasses

Talk about seriously groovy. An ode to the throwback trend that’s been going around lately, these tinted-lens sunglasses make for a perfect retro accessory to wear absolutely anywhere.  Considering the resurgence of all things vintage, it’s no surprise that these sunglasses are back in the fashion game. The refreshing style of these frames can elevate any basic outfit.

Claw Clips

Claw clips have been the move to keep your hair secured for quite a while and we cannot express how excited we are that they’re making a comeback. Not only do they keep all hair volume types in place, but they also look so cute. Super affordable and easy-to-find, you won’t be having your hair in your face all summer. Finally.

This Article is in collaboration with Esther Huong.