Viral Fall-Winter Fashion Trends (& Where To Get Them)

With the rise of social media, it’s not uncommon to see trends come and go. However, some trends come, they blow up so big and show that they are there to stay. This fall-winter season, some trends have seriously blown up and you’ll see nearly everyone on social media posting photos wearing these clothes.

The Teen Edit has picked out 6 of the biggest fall-winter trends this year, so that the next time you go out, you’re fully aware of the trends and can dress accordingly. The following are some of the biggest trends on social media right now and places where you can find them.

1.Leather Clothing

Faux leather jackets, pants, skirts, boots, literally everything leather has been very trendy this season. An increasing number of brands are trying to hop onto this trend, so it’s not a hard find in stores close to you. Brands have also started working on different colours of leather clothing. It takes some time getting used to, but serves once you wear it.

Where To Buy: Aritzia, Zara, Nasty Gal, Vero Moda, Revolve

2. Patchwork Denim

Patchwork denim has been extremely popularised in the recent weeks. These too, can be found at most fashion and thrift stores. Different colours of the same shade or complementary colours are taken and patched up to form a design, sometimes with distressed edges which gives it a rough but stunning outcome.

Where to buy: Romwe, Jaded London, Urban Outfitters, ASOS

3. Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets have become trendy just in time for the winter season. With the onset of winter, the number of shops that have started selling these jackets are on the rise. They are absolutely perfect and a staple for winter in very cold areas, because you can keep yourself warm, while not compromising on your style.

Where to buy: Zara, Aritzia, Amazon, Missguided, Boohoo

4. Brown Fits

Brown has been one of the most worn colours this season, and with good reason. Brown outfits look absolutely stunning on every skin tone and when worn with complementary colours, they can become a staple outfit of yours. From brown jackets, tops and even pants, this season, they’ll be an easy find for you.

Where to buy: Aritzia, Depop, Zara, Motel Rocks

5. Sweater Vests

You know it’s a trend when the style queen Emma Chamberlain has been spotted wearing it. These sweater vests have become insanely popular recently and have been worn especially as a ‘school going’ look with a tennis skirt. Sweater vests are a great item to put on above a long sleeved shirt, channel your inner Emma Chamberlain or Bella Hadid with these cool sweater vests.

Where to buy: Nasty Gal, Amazon, Etsy, Depop

6. Printed Pants

A lot more people are getting involved in streetwear and one of the best ways to get into it is insane printed pants. When paired with a simple top and boots or platform sneakers, they look gorgeous. This trend has grown with the help of TikTok; with a lot of people giving outfit ideas, this trend has blown up. Plus, they look so cool.

Where to buy: Adika, Beginning Boutique, Romwe, Depop, Motel Rocks